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Living Social: Disney Magazines & Books Discount Deals

Nice deal 1-Year Subscriptions to Disney Magazines – 50% Off.

Disney Magazine of Your Choice to Delight little ones with fun, educational magazines featuring their favorite Disney characters, as well as plenty of games, puzzles, and activities:

$15 ($30 value) for a 1-year subscription to a Disney magazine of your choice:

Disney Fairies—ages 6 to 9
Disney Junior— ages 3 to 5
Disney Phineas and Ferb—ages 6 to 12
Disney Marvel Superheroes—ages 6 to 10

And sadly, the CARS magazine is not offered in this deal. I noticed the last CARS issue was split with Toy Story … maybe they are phasing it out or it will become CARS-PLANES?

1-Year Subscription to a Disney Magazine - Subscription to a Disney Magazine of Your Choice

You can also get two personalized Disney books for $22

Two Personalized Disney-Themed Books – Two Personalized Disney-Themed Books

A good bedtime story has adventure, humor, and excitement — though the best ones have your child as the star. Make your child the main character when you use Identity Direct’s website to personalize key details in two storybooks: $22 ($45 value) for a set of two personalized books with included shipping.

Each full-color book has a thrilling 30-page story and whimsical pictures.

Choose a girls’ pack containing Disney Princess Collection/Disney Fairies or a boys’ pack containing Spider-Man/The Avengers books.”

Two Personalized Disney-Themed Books - Two Personalized Disney-Themed Books

And if you live in the LA area and were planning on seeing PLANES at Disney’s flagship theater – the El Capitan in Hollywood, Living Social also has a PLANES ticket deal to save $4 per ticket – not huge but it is something – free small drink? 🙂

I’m not sure if this short is playing at other theaters or only at the El Capitan?

“Plus, before the movie, see THE SKY’S NO LIMIT!, a spectacular wildlife presentation featuring the incredible birds who first inspired flight. After the movie, you’ll also be able to check out an exhibit about world famous planes spanning the history of manned flight from the PLANES OF FAME Air Museum.”

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