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Mattel Disney D23 Expo: Convoy Brothers Already Checked In (Plus Buzz Price Change)

The Convoy Brothers have successfully moved from the Anaheim Convention Center to a nice comfy hotel room.

convoy hotel

Housekeeping will wonder who goes to Costco to load up on Motor Oil while on vacation? 🙂

BTW, tax is NOT included in the $100 price of the Convoy Brothers.

So, it’s really $108 for the set or $108 something (OC tax is either 8% or 8.5%).

Though UPDATE on Mattel’s Small Fry Mini Buzz is $25 not $20 as listed on the D23 Expo website.

UPDATE: All is normal. No additional tax – tax built into price. In most cases, Mattel & other larger companies simply prefer to build in the tax to the price to avoid having to give coin change and/or simplify purchasing).

convoy master

Buy a 6-pack and maybe you’ll get a free “collectors” Master Carton.

Convoy box variants

There are slight variants of the “oil stain” on the outside of the exterior box so collect ’em all. 🙂

Remember – the “stains, cracks and damage” on the exterior of the box are DESIGN ELEMENTS and printed on the sheet that wraps the box – more detailed photos in the original box post.

Photo LINKS of the Convoy Brothers & Small Fry Buzz here.

Thanks for the nice photos, “HK17!”


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