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CBS Sportsline – Fantasy Football

If you’re in a league or starting one, I recommend the CBS Sportsline one – we’ve been using it for about 10 years straight and it’s pretty flexible depending on what your needs are. The draft setup is great – people from around the country can log in and when players are taken off the board, they are literally taken off the board … there are a million links to stats and if you have a keeper league, you can track back players and rosters. Another great thing is the totally customized scoring as our league has the most bizarre bonus structure – CBS Sportsline is one of the few places that basically lets you have a scoring system for each individual position (for instance, if your kicker runs it in from 40 yards, in our league, it’s scored differently than if your RB does it – yes, we are idiots).

They also have a mobile app for doing starters so that’s nice also.

AND if you sign up, we make a few bucks also … so check it out and sign up! 🙂 Thanks!

Good luck!


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26 July 2013 Sports No Comment

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