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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Ivan Meets Ivan Mater

“John H.” sends along great photos of Ivan and Ivan Mater.

Ivan is the free giveaway CAR with a minimum purchase at Kmart. This promotion ends August 8, 2013 – DETAILS HERE.

ivan card

It’s certainly a nice giveaway CAR, especially on card and sniped KMART. We might see Ivan back next year but it will be on a totally different card.


Ivan has a substantial unibody metal cab … including his mustache – you need a welder torch and not a safety razor to hot shave this guy. 🙂

Ivan Mater (below) actually has a plastic faceplate as they most likely used the lenticular-era Brand New Mater with a new dark blue mustache plastic faceplate …


The back bed, tow package and mirrors are plastic on both – just like Mater/Ivan Mater.

ivan back

Other than the sightly different paint ops, it’s Mater’s regular tow package. I did not do a screenshot check to see if Ivan’s back connector should be gray or if it’s an error …

Mater & ivans

The main difference is Ivan’s hoodline and doorline are taller and more rounded. His eye color, eye position and windshield are also different. It is a new mold & sculpt for Ivan as you cannot really just swap out parts of Mater’s 2-piece mold and just “add” or “raise” parts of it.

ivan side

Thanks for the great photos, “John H.”

Good luck if you haven’t gotten one yet.


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  • Tom says:

    Why are Ivan and Ivan Mater deluxes?

  • greatwhitenorth says:

    Too bad I will NEVER get the K-Mart exclusive IVAN?!?

    The two K-Mart stores here have NOT received any of the exclusive MATER cases and I REFUSE to buy their leftover CARS2 pegwarmer crap just to get the promo.
    I also REFUSE to pay extra on Epay.

    No new “PLANES” either?

    This is the WORST “CARS” promotion K-Mart and Mattel have ever done!!!

    Customers CANNOT buy what the stores do NOT stock.

    “CARS” diecast have been impossible enough to find as it is!!!

    It is promotions like this that take the fun out of collecting.

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