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Other Comic Con Toys …

Sideshow has a high end Mike & Sulley Monsters University display statue …



If you like the girls of Spiderman more woman than girlish … 🙂

From NECA … all in one case … probably the weirdest case assortment in the history of case assortments. There are 3 more guest stars un-announced in this case.


And also from NECA, if you thought there were no more crossover ideas?


Mexico’s Day of the Dead Celebration Star Trek … bet you didn’t see this coming.



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21 July 2013 Uncategorized 2 Comments


  • MackDaddy says:

    What sort of things do you collect Met? Please let us know. 😕

    (MET: I’ll pretty much buy anything as long as it amuses me. 🙂 I’m rarely a completist (I have like 9 Star Wars figures and sets) – only with CARS and the Simpsons have I fallen into the deep dark hole …).

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