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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: London Race 7 Pack – Collect ‘Em All (RT Sarge Variant)

London Race with one new CAR for $29.99 to $36.99 (depending on your Target) …

London Race 7-Pack

… is just a start … now, there’s a second official version …


Yep, one version includes the unibody Lightning McQueen …


And the first release seems to include the segmented plastic face Lighting McQueen.

Collect ’em all.

Thanks for the photos, “Wraukn.”

Well, if you need to need another reason to buy this box set, the Race Team Sarge is a variant. The most recent release of (regular) Sarge is on the right below.


The current version of Sarge has the big seam across the back of the hood as the eyes plate is attached to the hair-roof as a separate piece. For the 2013 Race Team Sarge, they simply re-used the Sarge except it has the LM 95 door decal and the eyes match the 2011-2012 Race Team Sarge. Race Team Sarge is not scheduled as a single so there you go.

Or if you’re a replacer, better buy it again. :-/

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  • lavictdoukarai says:

    my friend has bought this pack and we haven’t seen any differencies!you said that there are two pack versions, but I haven’t understood your explication of sarge variant!
    The picture shows sarge not RT sarge (at the left and right)!
    I am really interested by this variant!

    (MET: I’ll take some photos and do a full post).

  • cac1959 says:

    Interesting… but still not enough to get me to buy this 7 pack at the retail price… For $30 a 7 pack should contain at least 3 new Cars out of 7.

    Many of us complained when the Speedway 9 pack came out at $39.99… but at least it contained 4 previously unreleased Cars.

    • thebreezz says:

      I think that is cool and that is what makes ” collecting them all ” so much of a challenge. Was a post ever made about the Sarge in the 1st Cars 2 Target 7 car box set that has Sarge with the two lines of writting on the hood ? Remember the 1st Sarge had like one line and then one came out with two lines or a star or something on the door or hood ? I have purchased both and I have gone after all box sets from Target. If you look back a lot of the one time or hard to find have come from the box sets. Thebreezz

      (MET: There is a post on Sarge variants. Let me know if you don;t find it in the search).

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