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Mattel Disney CARS Diecast: Miles Axelrod with Open Hood

The first CHASE single of 2013 … and the first CHASE? Beating Franceso Fan Mater out to release, I believe?


Thanks for the nice pics, “John H.”

He looks mostly like the last singles release – with the new blue side windows & unibody.


Suddenly, we have a lot of open hood releases! Decent detailing …


There are now 4 Miles Axelrod releases if you are an open completist.

In order of release.

LEFT – Segmented front end, gray “solar” panel on roof, gray “solar” panel windows and his front hood nameplate white on back block squares.

RIGHT – Segmented front end, blue “solar” panel on roof, blue “solar” panel windows and his front hood nameplate white lettering.

NOT SHOWN – Unibody, blue “solar” panel on roof, blue “solar” panel windows and his front hood nameplate white lettering.

CENTER (Miles Axelrod with Open hood) – Unibody, blue “solar” panel on roof, blue “solar” panel windows, front hood nameplate white lettering, different eye position and hood that opens.


BTW, Miles is not scheduled as a singles or 2-pack release as of now … but he could appear in a Target box set … speaking of which, these have popped up online – as these have been lifted off the internet, their identities are blurred to protect the guilty … these are basically Miles Axelrod re-paints with berets and UK flag stickers (notice they have not bothered to re-do the wheels with Miles’ energy regenerating brake pads/parts).

Thanks for the great pics, “John H!”


These are not scheduled as a single or a 2-pack release in 2013 (which ends at the end of October) so this could be an early peek at 2014 “deluxe” oversized CARS or a Target box set in 2013 – hopefully they will come in one box set but based on history, it does not look good.

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  • John in Missouri says:

    As if Miles isn’t in enough trouble already, it looks like a Meter Maid marked his front passenger-side tire. I hope he had enough time left on the meter!

  • Sith77 says:

    Ok, little back story. I started collecting with the original series in 2005. My oldest son was really in to them. He lost interest and I stopped collecting. My youngest son is now into it and I am back. While I was gone they started Chase cars. Well I found my first this morning. Found Miles at my local Target. What a rush. I feel like taking off the rest of the day and hit all the stores in town to try to find another. Have a great day everyone

  • Tom says:

    Nice Whitworth bolts!

  • madeinsocal6 says:

    I have an extra Miles Axelrod with Open Hood that I’d trade for Francesco Fan Mater. If anyone is interested.

  • BMW says:

    The Miles Axlerod in the Euro released Movie Moments that I received is the unibody with the blue panels, same as your “Not Shown” and identical to the last single release Miles from the “Q” case with Cartney Brakin.

    Not all Q case Miles I found were the unibody version, some were the segmented Miles with blue panels. There were both versions in some of the Cartney assortments.

  • ksammut says:

    I need Miles Axlerod with Open Hood (Chase), but have Francesco Fan Mater (Chase).


  • MackDaddy says:

    It feels wrong to be able to see under their SKIN! 😯

  • John in Missouri says:

    Chase Francesco Fan Mater was first found on Memorial Day, well before Chase Miles Axlerod with Open Hood was.

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