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Flying Car Approved by FAA

People have been building “flying cars” for around 80 years, the only problem has been that most people willing to test them out complain it either drives terrible or flies terrible …


This actually looks good as a plane and probably flies fine but it still looks downright ugly as a car … from Terrafugia … is that short for Terrafugly? 🙂


It’s also $200k … I’m not sure what a plane costs but it seems you can buy a plane and a car for much less though I guess you save on a hanger space as you can drive this home to your garage. Or if saving an hour on your commute everyday might be worth it – plus you can fly low – lean out your window and go HAHA … that might be worth $200k right there. It does take regular gas.

You can check out a bunch of videos of it in action here.

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13 July 2013 Gadgets One Comment

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