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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store New Diecasts – Black Tractor CHASE

“Unixed” has tracked down the three newest Disney Store diecast CARS. Thanks for the great photos!

July 8th Releases WM

Prince Wheeliam is online and one of the rare non-CHASE diecasts from the Disney Store. As the Disney Store CARS are all metal, this Bentley should weigh a ton!

Prince Wheeliam

A purple version of Tuner Tokyo Mater is also available online.

Tokyo Mater Purple

And a cool Black Tractor CHASE – “Unixed” noted this sold out pretty quickly so you might have to check back or try one of the stores.

Tractor Black

Don’t forget to check out “Unixed’s” Visual Checklist for the current series, Series 4.

Thanks for the great photos as usual “Unixed.”

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  • outsidemind says:

    Hey guys, I’m new to the Disney Store car collecting, so please forgive the potentially stupid question. Do the Chase cars sell out and not return to stores or do they end up in multipacks and other releases later? I guess the question I’m asking is how rare are the Chase cars?

    • Unixed says:

      Not a dumb question at all.

      Chase cars have a unique paint scheme which will never return. Once they sell out, that is it. The character might get re-released with a normal paint scheme (non-chase) or a new chase paint scheme, but never an already released Chase paint scheme.

      I hope this helps.

      • outsidemind says:

        It does. Thanks!

        Is there a way to know when a chase is sold out? I grabbed a couple of the blue Chase Tokyo Mater’s but haven’t seen them in the stores since. Is there a way to know if cars are gone for good or if they just need to be restocked? I usually come here for those kinds of answers but I wondered if there was some way to keep track?

        Thanks for the help and insight.


        • Unixed says:

          A good tell sign is to check DS online for the item. If the item is sold out, that usually means the only ones that remain are in transit to the stores, or the ones already at the stores.

          The DS distribution system is never predictable, so you can sometime find that a store received a chase model way after it has sold out online.

          Another good way to estimate the supply is to look at the shipping carton. For chase editions it has a case number out of X cases made. Times the cases made by 12 and you see how large the run. For the Black Tractor it was around 7,600 made.

          Also, they have DS outlets. They seem to get the straggler cases as well.

          So, to answer your question, their is no real easy way to tell if they are totally sold out or not.

          (MET: Unixed pretty much covered it all but just to note, Disney only seems to ship CHASE CARS once so there’s no point in waiting for a re-shipment. Once it’s gone, it’s “gone for good.”).

  • D J says:

    I may finally get Prince Wheeliam! Now, if they could re release the regular Tractor!

  • TopherDawg says:

    I saw a black tractor just went for $20 on ebay, so if you want them and see them in stores, get them. 🙂

  • bamcars says:

    I found Prince Wheeliam last Wednesday at a Disney store outlet. They had a bunch – maybe 10+ of them. I picked up a couple and then when I returned on Saturday, they probably only had about 5 left.

  • DraculaMater123 says:

    I have ordered the purple Tokyo Mater from Disney Store it should be here by Wednesday. It seems really cool but does anybody know why the new ones are $6.95 now instead of $6.50 which is what they used to be?

  • Refriedbeans says:

    I saw that Purple Mater 2 weeks ago in South Carolina. I passed as my dad convinced me to not get something that isn’t in the short.

  • Micky says:

    Unixed –

    Thanks for your Checklist of these Disney Store Cars. It is great!

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    I found the black tractor while I was on vacation at a Disney store. I found it the day that store put it out on the shelf and they had at least 20 of them so I purchased 2 and left, then the next morning when I returned ( they were getting a new truck and i was looking for planes stuff) they were gone. It was crazy how quickly they sold out.

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