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Disney Pixar CARS: The Disney Store CARS Acrylic Box Singles Visual Checklist 2013 Update

“Unixed” has thoughtfully updated the Disney Store diecast CARS Visual Checklist …

Part 1 of the Disney Store Visual Checklist contains ALL of the Disney Store Acrylic Box Singles releases from 2009 to 2012 which we will call Series 2 & Series 3.

Disney Store CARS, Series 4 – First the re-releases, they can be differentiated by the logo change back to just CARS (instead of CARS 2). For long-time collectors, they also changed the background art. Not every Series 2 release was re-released in Series 3 – and it seems unlikely to happen.

Wave 2 Re-Release WM

Disney Store CARS, Series 4, there are only two new “regular” releases, Fabrizio & (Red) Ramone.

Wave 2 New WM

Most of the Disney store Series 4 releases fall under the CHASE banner. They are CHASE in the sense they are a limited production, one-time release. Most are repaints but there are new molds or new styles …

Disney Store CARS, Series 4 – The CHASE CARS.

Wave 2 Chase WM

And “unixed” has also gathered up all 113 releases and re-releases of Series 2, 3 & 4 … you can appreciate this photo in its larger size by right clicking.

Cars Master Alphabetical Posterize

Somehow I missed this cool Mater during its initial release so I thought a larger photo would be nice.

Ice Cream Truck Mater WM

Thanks “Unixed” for collecting ’em all so we can see ’em all!

Thanks for the great photos and if you’re spending money buying a wood screen or buying glass blocks, clearly the Disney Store diecasts in acrylic make much nicer room dividers though kids might not totally respect that a wall should not be disassembled. 🙂

The Visual Checklist for Series 2 & 3 can be found here.

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