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Disney Pixar CARS: Do It Yourself “Mechanic Set” CAR at CARS Land

One other diecast available at CARS Land is the Radiator Springs Racer (ride) “Mechanic Set,” which is in 1:64 scale and you assemble it yourself …

mechna box

It is diecast metal with the rest of pieces plastic. You can decide on which options you prefer.


Choose between tires, mouth & eyes expression, rollbar and even if your diecast will ride 4 or 6? I guess one is for before you eat the cozy cone funnel of pizza and one for after. 🙂parts


“John H.” sends along these nice photos, he also notes that while you can take it apart – he does note it’s pretty easy to lose the parts – so far it’s only available as ‘the red one!’ Here it it next to the 1:55 assembled version (above) – the 1:64 do it yourself one is below (1:64 in scale – like Hot Wheels).side mechanic racer front

Thanks for the fun photos, John H.

As with the regular racers, only available at the Parks so far – this post has photos of the assembled diecast racers and ordering how-to.

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