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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New Pit Row Launchers with Pitty But …

They have arrived in Australia and it looks like they ship from Mattel’s warehouse by next week!

These Pit Row Launchers were listed a while back but they were just a text listing with no real details. Other than Rip Clutchgoneski, getting re-releases of Pit Row Launchers did not seem too enticing and now, at first the photos of the re-releases look great but …

I pity the Pitty Fool!

The included Pitty’s are PLASTIC. Yep, PLASTIC.

Not diecast metal …

Hence the snipe that reads DIE CAST RACER – at first, I thought du’h – what’s the point of that snipe … then OzzieMum warned the Pitty’s looked like they were plastic … suddenly, the snipe on the right side under the only metal diecast CAR in the package made “perfect” sense …

Ohhh, guttersnipe!

Kids, gather round. Once upon a time, Pitty’s were made of metal. It was glorious, I tell you, glorious. But now pity the Pitty buyer … I Pity the Fooled …


Oh, crickey! That’s NOT My Name is Not Chuck. McQueen has replaced him with an inflatable “auto pilot” version from MIB.

LM Pitty CU

This one makes us the saddest … Sacre Bleu! Raoul and OUR piddly Pitty …

This ain’t a Pitty! This ain’t even an Pez dispenser! Where’s me candy, you plastic headed galoot!

Raoul Plastic

Yep, Stacy was fazed out by a plastic statue. Yep, I must’ve missed Lak Less on the WGP starting grid.

Leak Less

Will we get a silver color plastic Stacy that mocks us also?

Lwak LessPitty

So, in a good way – not much was known about this listing – it would’ve sounded so good.

The plastic Pitty’s are NOT removeable (well, unless you find a 2-year old and tell him the Pitty is non-removeable)


The Pitty is the launch activator … shouldn’t that actually be a crew chief?

This is a slight upgrade from the wheel launcher in its cheapness but beyond that, it’s a travesty of a mockery of a plastic sham. I also feel pity for people who don’t look closely and buy this to get a racer and a Pitty … I presume some of you might have an opinion or two? 🙂

Thanks for the heads up on the plasticized Pitty & high res pics, OzzieMum! Thanks for the heads up warning also.

For those interested, there was also a canceled Movie Scene launcher series


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