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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: David Hobbs – Capped

David Hobbs, British race announcer voices the character of David Hobbscap – since all CARS character names are auto related, presumably – his “cap” at the end of his name is short for radiator cap …


But somewhere along the line, Mattel thought his name was spelled with an extra P … Hobbscapp. It’s on the poster also as Hobbscapp.hobbscapp card

Er, the Disney Store knows what his correct name should be …

As is the way it’s spelled in the credits of the film …


Yes, I resisted all temptation to title today’s post something like David Hobbscapp with a little less P …

Or the high road, and write up a long essay on Hobbesian Theory and the anarchy of CARS 2 diecast (definition here).

Or search for a Calvin illustration ****ing on David Hobbscap …

Of course, since they butchered the diecast, why not his name?

Thanks for the heads up, “David V.”

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