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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecasts: David Hobbscapp & Jaguar E-Type

The Tokyo Race Day 7-pack contains the first release of David Hobbscapp, the British race announcer represented as a Jaguar E-Type.

“John H.” (thanks!) sends along pics of him compared to Leland Turbo …

Of course, the problem really starts with Finn. Even the larger/largest of the British CARS of the 1960’s were not very big – most notably, the James Bond Astin Martin DB5 from that era is not a large CAR – smaller than the size of the Ford Mustang of that era. But this CARS 2 giantism extends out to Leland and now David Hobbscapp. While Finn and Leland can be excused as they are hobbled together assemblage of many cars of that era, David Hobbscapp is simply too large, too wide and too weak of a sculpt as a Jaguar E-Type.

The Jaguar E-Type is hailed by virtually every designer (not just auto designers) as one of the most beautiful cars every created.


40 YEARS later, it is still futuristically gorgeous and has not aged one bit.

(Red Jag photo via car4club.blogspot.com).

So, while the Mattel sculpt is based on this screenshot … It is simply too wide, too long and not good enough.

They went by this screenshot in a total vacuum, simply guessing on its length and width – as if there were ZERO other resources to see not only what this car really looks like but also how it’s scaled to other autos of the 1960’s.

While these are just diecasts and not 100% accurate, they do show a closer representation of a Jaguar E-Type next to a 1965 Ford Mustang … and while I do not have a 1977 Monte Carlo (Darrell Cartrip), the familiar to all recent Ford Crown Victoria shows you about the right size/scale difference – also note the width.

Meanwhile, Mattel seems to think a 1965 Ford Mustang (along with a Jaguar E-Type) is the same size or LONGER than a 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo.

So, while we are getting more diecast metal (yes, it’s incredibly light now but it is really metal!) Mattel has poured all their energy into creating the world’s lightest zinc diecast while skimping on diecast CARS designers who do not realize that some CARS are actually based on real life automobiles.

And now we’re pretty much stuck with a too large, too wide and weak Jaguar E-Type sculpt. So sad.



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  • John says:

    Maybe the XKE is overscaled so they can use an existing pair of headphones?

  • DDD says:

    Hobbscapp’s front end is flattened for some reason…the same mistake that has ruined Mattel’s Bruno Motoreau sculpt. The E-Type and the Citroen DS were too beautiful not to deserve more accurate sculpts.

    I haven’t studied the Disney Store Hobbscapp, but their Bruno is spot-on, except for the same problem that all these have: the headlights are painted on the front end rather than sculpted, a key design element of both vehicles.

  • Tom says:

    A lot of the Cars cars are way off as regards scale, too bad considering Mattel’s considerable experience making die casts.
    I saw something on tv the other day about the E type, it wasn’t even designed by a stylist/designer, it was penned by an aerodynamicist. Kinda like the Shelby Daytona coupe, one of the most beautiful cars ever and its sole reason for looking so good was so it would go fast!

  • taylor says:

    There’s always hope! Remember Fred? Although he shrunk a little too much.

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