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Not an April Fool’s Day Thing – Server Company Upgrading

Sorry, not really into creating elaborate ruses but T5 might be down or slow for a time after 6 PM tonight as our server company upgrades and moves files around. Thy have never really pulled off a smooth transition so …


Hope to see you after we fall into the wormhole …

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1 April 2013 Internet 2 Comments


  • tizmanian says:

    Rest easy a bit T5ers…the server migration is actually slated for next week on the 8th. The last time our server host did this things did not play out very well (and was entirely their fault but that is no matter when you are looking for Pitty news).

    It is good to get new tech upgrades but this kind of thing gives me all kinds of grief…bring on the Tums and wish us well.

    • RodredlineM19 says:

      Maybe the ones who told you that were pulling an April Fools joke on you guys… or maybe that’s just my paranoid mind speaking…

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