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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Mama Mia Bernoulli in a 4-Pack

Mama Bernoulli has arrived and she’s as expensive as you’d expect a classic Ferrari race car with a Fendi scarf might be … $18.99 … well, you do get three other CARS “free.”

Race Day Fan-mama

And the box … comped!

In a weird way, it is a slight discount as she was supposed to be a TRU 5-pack (presumably with 4 other repeats) … so what a deal, huh?


Here is the official open photo from last year …

mama original

Looks like they reduce the ginormous wheels slightly or made the struts larger so it didn’t look as weird.

A nice addition though $18.99 large is Formula 1 hot dog concession stand pricing.

Thanks for the heads up, “ToyFountain500.”

It is listed online as not available online.

I think there’s an ejoke in there somewhere.

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