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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Oversized Deluxe CASE C

As “CalgaryGuy” notes, it sounds like this case has arrived in Canada already? So, it might be arriving in the US soon …

Yes, Deluxe oversized cases are still strangely assorted without a lot of rhyme, reason or reason to rhyme …

case C

The good news is that Target and Walmart seem to have these in their order rotation so they seem to be showing up on a consistent basis …

For variant collectors, RED has an upgraded cab/face “back” to all metal. Note, he was all metal-faced and metal-cab in CARS 1 (the bed/hook/ladder portion was/is plastic). In CARS 2, he was widened and lengthened but his face plate was plasticized but with this release, he is the CARS 2 larger version with an all metal face/cab. (I hesitate to call it a unibody as his hook/ladder/bed portion is still all plastic). So, this is Red release version #3.

You can view some comparison pics HERE of the original Red, Original CARS 2 Red and DS Red.

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25 March 2013 iPhone, Science, Sears 11 Comments


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