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Disney Pixar Diecast CARS & CARS 2: Red, Red, Red, Red, Red, Wonderful Red (The Fire Engine)

So, which Red (the Fire Engine) is best?

Normally, in a given toy line, the most to-scale and appropriate character to collect is the one from the company that manufactured the rest of your collection in that line (yea, seems obvious, d’er, doi and duh – as one might say in Latin) … but every once in a while, that is not the case.

In this case, the best Red might still be the Disney Store one.

The original Red, released by Mattel back in 2006 and never changed during the production run was always a tad too small.

With CARS 2 coming, Mattel redid Red and moved him to the Deluxe (oversized) lineup and it all seemed good. New CARS 2 Red on the left.

But what about the Disney Store Red?

Disney Store Red is a skoosh taller than CARS 2 Red.

DS Red is also slightly longer …

(that’s 2006 Red on the very left).

The biggest point is that DS Red is a heavy metal diecast body while CARS 2 Red is metal only in the cab portion.

While Mattel CARS 2 Red is more “chromy,” DS Red wins on details – the hoses are complete and are more detailed. The three water canon nozzles are differentiated versus just gray shapes molded with the ladder.  The “connectors” on the side (where in real life, the hoses would go) are more detailed also.

Better look at the “hoses.”

Plus, DS Red roof light is more accurate from the film – Red’s center roof light is raised.

Also note, Mattel CARS 2 Red has his face made into plastic also.

So, my opinion is that the DS Red is an appropriate scale and the best RED.

While he’s not exactly the same height or length as CARS 2 Red, it’s so close enough that it’s inconsequential plus he’s slightly longer & taller – hardly a minus. The most important criteria is the width and he seems to be the same width as CARS 2 Red and so in correct scale and look.

Many parts of him are much more detailed. Silver painted door handles and grab bar; full 3D hoses and detail painted to more closely resemble real life hoses; water canon better details with different colors and not molded gray as part of the ladder; wheel hub nuts painted; connection for hoses appear more detailed and realistic; light on center of roof is raised and painted with greater detail; and solid heavy metal. Plus a bonus display stand and at suggested retail, $.49 cheaper.

Mattel’s CARS 2 Red can put up a much more limited defense. It is in appropriate scale, and width;  it has more chrome and it’s biggest point – it’s from Mattel.

So, if you want to be complete, you’ll need the Mattel Red’s but the better display is the Disney Store Red … in other words, Collect them all.

Don’t indict me. Indict the system.

Thanks for the pics, “Reading Red.”

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  • picketoybuyer says:

    Personally like the Disney Store Cars better all the way around this time around!!!

    But then again I collect these, I don’t buy them for a little tyke to play with….

  • BMW says:

    I will stick with Mattel – Hot wheels that are 30 years old still hold up. Chipped paint and all. I bought some Hot Wheels and Dinky Toys Cars for my sons when they were little – have stood the test of time. Will the current line of Hot wheels last as long as the originals? Probably not, but if the DS cars don’t last a few days then– pass.

  • Dunroamin says:

    AGREED! The DS Red and the CHase DS red are both the best!

  • jestrjef says:

    Love the detail on the DS Red … LOVE the CASE as well … but unless it is wrapped around a Mattel Version … we will pass. 🙂

  • cac1959 says:

    The Disney Store Chase Ransburg Red looks cool, but as bobbyjack has said, they don’t hold up if they are played with.

  • bobbyjack says:

    DS Red may be more detailed, but how long before your three year old breaks it? Haven’t had too much luck with Disney Store Cars so far.

    • Justin-Case says:

      bobbyjack, I was just thinking the same thing. Sure if you are going to collect and display….no brainer DS Red already has a display case but if you are an opener like you and I, the light, mirrors, hoses etc are coming off within days, maybe weeks if you are lucky.

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