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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: 4 More Singles Added

While the cardbacks covers most of the scheduled releases (as singles and Movie Moments 2-packs), there are 4 more singles added to the official list …

The “Japan TV Show CARS”

Jpan TV Cars1

Plus the third one …

Jpan TV Cars2

They are definitely on a singles list and not a box or multi-pack … hopefully, they’ll realize they are micro Japanese hatchback automobiles and not “Erik Lanely” giantism CARS.

These 3 which were always listed but now confirmed as separate releases from the Tokyo Party Bridge “girls” CARS – before the prototype pictures and names assigned to the “girls,” it was hard to tell which three they meant but now it’s pretty clear.

COMP Tuners

And the 4th? The metallic silver Lightning McQueen has officially moved to the mainline.

Lightning Metallic

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