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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Race Day Fan 4-Pack Box Arrives in Australia

It was hard to tell if these were still coming but it looks like 2 new 4-packs have arrived in Australia at Kmart.

Thanks for the great photos and heads up “OzzieMum.”

It looks like in Australia they are not a Target exclusive but here in the US, they still continue to be.

This set contains: Jeff Gorvette, Jeff Gorvette’s fan, Raoul Caroule and Lewis Hamilton.

Gorvette Fan

At least we’re getting a quasi-new sculpt with the SUV fan, Clutch Foster.

Jeff Fan

With all the international info, maybe Europe will actually get this 4-pack also? If you don’t mind paying 3 times as much. :-/

Clutch Foster

The other Race Day Fan 4-pack out is less enticing to long time collectors as Marty Brakeburst is Lightning McQueen’s fan in this 4-pack – though since he was only available as a Final Lap CAR, he was not necessarily easy to pick up.

Piston WGP

From this brief view, it looks like these 4 CARS are the same as the last release … also note that 4 CARS 1 diecasts have been magically teleported to a CARS 2 scene – hence Trunk Fresh and Spare Mint’s* expression along with Marty Brakeburst’s shocked face.

* yes, he’s still called Spare O Mint now – O, the humanity! Or carburatoranity?

One thing to note – these are configured differently than the original 4-packs listed as they have undergone a name change from Race Day 4-Packs to Race Day Fan 4-pack. Hence, many configuration changes.

And since FAN is not plural, you won’t ever be confused in thinking you’ll ever get more than one “exclusive” character or as in the case of Marty Brakeburst, not even that – no exclusive snipe – but he is a fan.

For those keeping track, the Racing 4-Packs started out as 4 racers in each pack which evolved into the 3 racers + a fan plan (Denise Beam as Carla’s fan and Ronnie Del Cooper as Lightning’s fan (even though he sports a Union Jack flag design)) and then the plan was 3 racers + a crew chief.

The Jeff Gorvette, Lewis Hamilton, Raoul and his crew chief, Bruno Motoreau was the only one under that plan released in the US August of 2012.

Bruno of course is now available in a 2-pack as was the plan for a box set with Nigel and his crew chief, Austin Littleton – also out as a 2-pack Movie Moment.

So, now, going forward, since they’ve gotten a name change to Race Day Fan 4-packs, we should expect to see the 3rd box set as it was originally configured: Max & Max fan – this set is listed to also include Shu & Miguel.

The 4th set was Nigel and his crew chief as the exclusive CAR along with Lightning McQueen & Francesco. We know that Nigel’s crew chief no longer qualifies as a fan so what gets replaced? Mama Bernoulli seems like the most obvious fit here … since TRU has no further box sets listed …

There was never a listing for the CARS 1 Race Day Fan pack so it’s hard to tell if it’s an addition or a replacement …

Thanks for the great photos and heads up “OzzieMum.”

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  • Zee Kay says:

    I just want to say “Thank you” to OzzieMum and TakeFiveADay.com for bringing this to my attention. I went yesterday and today to two different 24-hour KMarts and was lucky to find one at each KMart. (Each Kmart had only 1 or 2 packs and only one type.) I totally agree with OzzieMum regarding stock arriving in Australia – we are totally way behind the US. I am still looking for Cartney Brakin and Prince Wheeliam! I’m not even sure these were released in Australia.

  • Tom says:

    Apple should license more icars, they could use the money to make up for less thanprojected increases in electronics sales.

  • danrio says:

    I think it’s really discouraging that so many singles have been released in relatively limited quantities (and locations) while others have been hogging store space for weeks if not months. Then, at the same time, box sets which include approximately one “exclusive vehicle” along with multiple repeats have been released.

  • TopherDawg says:

    For every Apple request, Mattel is going to kill the release of a new car.

    (MET: hahaha).

  • snosno says:

    Why does Australia seem to get the new releases first?

    • OzzieMum says:

      I would say we are way behind compared to elsewhere, aside from seeing the 2013 carded Micro Drifters, we are yet to see ANY 2013 carded releases, the 7 pack, 12 pack or other new stuff that has come out in the US. We haven’t had any new 2012 carded items either since Don Crumlin, Officer, Becky & Victor H! It’s nice to finally get something new here, I hope the trend continues since all other stores are in a bit of a drought!

      • snosno says:

        Idk. It just seems as though the Cars we pine for over here tend to show up in either Australia or Europe and IF we see them in the US it is months later. Maybe my imagination or self deduction but I hope they show up here non the less.

        • John in Missouri says:

          I’m guessing that Australia is so much closer to China, that Mattel can just ship stuff there cheaply and quickly, and begin selling it right away.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Dear Mattel,

    The No. 93 Racer is SPAREMINT, not Spare O Mint.

    Do you chew Wrigley’s spear o mint gum? No, it’s spearmint.

    You may as well call Tach-O-Mint “Tachmint”, and call your tachometer a “tachmeter”.

    John in Missouri

    P.S. Please finish Pit Row and the Haulers from Cars 1.

  • John says:

    We wish Raoul would finally get his black windshield band.

  • cac1959 says:

    Looking forward to Clutch Foster… Great history on the (mis)evolution of these 4 packs.

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    Tach-O-Mint has been floating around eBay alot… hopefully he will come in a 4-pack? Now with that said, is it too much to ask for the Apple car? 🙂

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