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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: EU Pricing – Ouch!

Maybe he travels by the Orient Express or that toll through the Suez Canal is a killer …


That’s about $25 USD … so Mattel can make about 5 times as much per Kingpin sold as in the US … at least you get a lot of diecast metal … though Kingpin’s expression says he ready to occupy Toys R Us.

Thanks for the photo, David V. – he will trade you a Kingpin for a Super Chase, it’s a fair dollar to EU retail pricing trade.

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  • elixirdream says:

    Deluxe and Singles are about 17 USD and 12 USD in Malaysia.
    Every other toy is about x2 or x3 of US retail price.
    This is why sometimes is still cheaper to ship directly from US.

  • Dolly says:

    Here in Austria we pay for a Deluxe 14,99€, for Movie Moments about 18,99€ and the Singles between 7,49 to 7,99€

  • BMW says:

    That price is pretty expensive for a single deluxe. But what store was that found in. Not all EU stores are quite that high.
    Toys R Us in Houston just went to 9.99 for Deluxes. All Sub Finna and Hydrofoils available at TRU so get em while they are not so hot.

  • Tom says:

    That’s an advantage of living in an open-market nation! Other countries can import their scaffolding to the US all day at no cost. I imagine most of the difference in price for Kingpin between here and the EU is taxes.
    And that shelf price probably doesn’t include the 20% VAT, or whatever ungodly amount it is…

  • cac1959 says:

    Cars are much more expensive in other parts of the world… The Deluxe in Singapore are $24.90 which converts to about $20.50 in US dollars… it’s even cheaper for UK collectors to buy Cars from the US and pay to have them shipped.

    What’s really painful is when Submarine Finn costs the same as Taco Truck Mater…

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