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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Revised Case D Singles

Yes, CASE C is coming first but Case D is revised. Instead of UK Ramone with paint Gun, it’s Paint Shop Ramone (with paint gun).*

Case D Revised

Releases numbering more than 1 in the case are shown with a number.

New releases are shown in red: DJ with Flames, Wingo with Flames, Krate Rainson-Wash (Luggage Truck) & Paint Shop Ramone (with paint gun).

First ever release as a single: Security Guard Finn.

First release since 2010: Dexter Hoover with Checkered Flag.

First release on CARS 2013 Themes card motif: Lewis Hamilton, & Shu Todoroki.

* Yes, UK Ramone with Paint Gun no longer is listed as a release as a single – coming in another format? Unknown.

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