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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Memo Rojas Super Chase, Take a Memo …

It’s never dull in Mattel Disney Pixar CARS World.

It would be simple if new products simply shipped and we went to the store, put them in a cart and paid at the register.


This is like some weird Willie Wonka movie … or the 8th Christmas Story movie …


The grand plan of us bourgeois collectors making nice with the proletariat back room employees to procure one of 4,000 Super Chases amongst 15,000 case assortments from Minsk to Milan in the Spring and Summer of 2012. Super genius plan!

That’s out, new plan.


Jim Brown throws the grenade down the air shaft … oh wait, wrong plan B.

Matty says we’ll create cases of Super Chase – one of 4,000 for the collectors so they can each get a gift of a Super Chase. We’ll label them different as not to mix them up in the warehouse. We’ll offer them one great case and one case with a lot of Francesco’s and Lightning McQueen’s. So, it’s nice and not so nice … but not a shabby plan.

PLAN B – Part 2:

We’ll offer the other 11,000 cases to retailers without the Super Chase and not much else new in each case … what? retailers don’t want another 15 Lightning McQueen’s and Francesco’s in each case – what is up with that? This part does not seem to go according to plans – retailers do not press the order ALL 11,000 CASES button – what is up with that?

We have a new plan. (It might sound better with a evil accent – Ve Haf a New Plan).


The all-mighty Walmart of Bentonville does not seem interested and has not been very interested since December 2011 – perhaps they need an enticement in the summer of 2012. We will bundle all the rest of the unreleased 7 CARS and we will offer them to as an appeasement to them. Surely they will succumb to our charms and CARS … We shall call this the N case. Hello, WM? Hello? How many thousands of cases should we put you down for? 100? Oh oh.

Humm, the plan does not seem to be working.

In the words of Homer Simpson, “What do we do? What do we do?”

Super Chases? Humm, well, let’s continue our gift to collectors.

We’ll put everything we have left in one All Your Bases Super Chases CASE P – along with everything left over. So, great for buyers/collectors and penguins (I’m just guessing as penguins seem happy with anything … why are penguins in this post? well, it makes as much sense as anything else).

So, 4,000 cases with the last two Super Chases – done, let’s clean up and move on.

Wait – What’s this? The back of Vitaly Petrov says 2,000 not 4,000?

Look closely at the production number disclaimer … yep, no more than 2,000 of Vitaly Petrov (Russia).

BUT the back of Memo Rojas, Jr. reads 4,000 …

Thanks for the great photos, “BMW.”

And “BMW” notes something interesting …

“Memo Rojas – 2842 EAA stamped on back, Russian Racer – 2852 EAA stamped on back … The Russian SC was made/stamped one day later than the Mexican SC.”

And as DragsterMater correctly notes – “Well, technically, “no more than 4000″″could very well be just about 2000″or so.”

So, this is my best guess as to Plan C, Part 2 based on everything so far.

It does seem the most likely and most plausibly scenario is that that there are only about 2,000 each of Memo Rojas Jr. and Vitaly Petrov on card.

So, after the collapse of Plan C and since they had no real problems selling about 2,000 of the last two Super Chase cases (but could not sell a lot more than that), they just randomly decided to draw the line at 2,000 Super Chases of Vitaly and Memo – it’s a solid number, not too rare but not too many. And based on the information that the warehouse seemed to have no more than @1,900 cases of CASE P … it’s seems pretty accurate.

The date stamps are interesting but are simply clues where they fit and not clues when it doesn’t – because the dates are NOT stamped when the card is printed but rather when they are assembled (as inventory control), the least complicated (Occam’s Razor) explanation is that the Memo Rojas Jr. cards were already printed so while they were assembled and inserted a day apart, there was no point in spending money/fixing the card to be more precise regarding Memo Rojas distribution and that “Dragster Mater” is right in saying any number below 4,000 is legally accurate. So, while the 2,000 on the back of Vitaly is more accurate, Memo’s is still correct.

While I pondered if there really were 2,000 extra numbers of Memo Rojas Jr. produced – I thought initially that perhaps Mattel might offer the extras to Memo to sell-sign at the racetrack but in light of “BMW” info on the date stamps, I also agree with “BMW”, if they’re going to draw the line at 2,000 for Vitaly which were clearly produced on the same day/time period or the day after at the plant, it’s NOT going to be an overnight decision that affects one at 2,000 but not the other – Mattel has a clear schedule of what’s in production and when and when their final cutoff date is so again, it’s most logical they decided to switch to only producing 2,000 of each … also note, because it’s really just Max Schnell’s body, it’s relatively easy to switch from 4,000 to 2,000 as it’s just the paint and paint production costs – and any extra Max Schnell bodies produced can be banked for the next release so unlike a release that has no further releases or very limited future releases, it’s easy to just change it to 2,000 without incurring some massive cost of losing economies of production (ie: Mattel can still order 10,000 Max bodies to be produced, just don’t paint 6,000 for now or paint them as Max Schnell).

And because the Memo Rojas Jr. cards were already printed and while alluding to 4,000 as the max, any number below 4,000 is still legally accurate.

So, it seems a safe bet to say that both are and will be two of the rarest releases on card – numbering @2,000 on card.

Thanks for the nice photos, “BMW” and “Children’sToyCloset.”

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  • Only JJ says:

    I don’t think Mattel officialy tells what happened. But plausible is they couldn’t close the deal with the Vitaly Petrov site and lowered the production number. Why is it named “Russian Racer” and not “Vitaly Petrov” ?. Maybe those cards were already made with 4000 on it. So there was a motif/opportunity to make new cards (namewise) with the lowered production number (not for Memo though).
    Look at the European Ërik Lanely’s with Fiat 500 picture on the card. That seems to be also a “non deal” with Fiat.

    (MET: You’re absolutely right in that Mattel would never admit to anything – other than a generic blanket statement that could apply to ocean going turtles, people gathered on a sidewalk or CARS … but you do also bring up an interesting point in that their decision was part of them cutting their loses by skipping the few thousands they would be paying him for the rights to his name … along with cutting production numbers).

  • cac1959 says:

    Very well written, Met… great photos by BMW as well… can’t wait to get my case.

  • Wraukn says:

    They might be counting the 2000 or so backdoor cars that have been on ebay.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Plan B: Dirty Dozen…
    (Please site the ORIGINAL source for your information …mwahahaha…)
    just kidding, of course

  • danrio says:

    With Mattel’s distribution of “Super Chase” cars, “Chase” cars, various store exclusives and the total inundation of Finns, McQueens and Francescos already in the marketplace, it would not simply be an accomplishment for any one person in the world to “collect ’em all”, it would be a significant miracle!

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