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MacXDVD Ripper Pro Halloween Free Giveaway

Click on the link here or below to go to the MacXDVD Ripper Pro giveaway – click on one of the tombstone for your prize – which is most likely the link to downloading a free copy of MacXDVD Ripper Pro …

PC users can click on the link below to go to the Facebook page for details on the PC version.


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27 October 2012 Advertising, Apple Mac 2 Comments


  • FireFox91 says:

    Well, it is free for Mac this time around. But if you are a Windows user you have to go through Facebook for a random chance at winning a copy. All this hassle for something they don’t let you keep anyway.

  • FireFox91 says:

    This is good software, just be aware of the way they operate. They give you this for free and it works with no restrictions. However when an upgrade is available, the program tells you should upgrade. When you choose “no”, it closes down. If you choose “yes”, they want money. So this is basically an extended trial version rather than a free one. But they seem to give copies away regularly.

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