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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Old New Singles Arrive in German

These were originally scheduled for around April, 2012 for the US market but never arrived and now reside in some inter-dimension of time and warehouse space where nothing is real and nothing gets hung up on pegs … well, except in Germany.

“Dodger” sends these nice pics.

Of course, from the straight line diecut card and the latest numbers assigned, it’s clear they moved them away from Spring a long time ago … hopefully, this means, its release in the US is eminent …

Check out the no tires on Alex Vandel as the CHASE …

I guess Otis is back to “original” Fred size?

And Suki, the party girl …

Thanks for the great find and photos, “Dodger.”

For those curious, this was the F case listing – whether it’s still the F case or the same assortment for international is hard to say,

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