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Holy Grail & Holy Snickey Halloween Costumes

Very nice, very authentic looking Monty Python’s Holy Grail costumes

Of course, the other Knights of the Round Table are all available including the “It’s just a flesh wound” Black Knight …

For women, for some odd reason (um, I wonder why), all the costumes have much less material … you know, when I say, “Cheshire Cat,” the men’s version is probably what you’d expect … but er, the women’s version?

And was there a different Ninja Turtle cartoon than the one I watched?

But don’t wait too long, this might be the only costume left … I think this the Mattel Matty mascot, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

AND it’s got the official stamp – in case you wanted to buy some knockoff squirrel mask … don’t settle for an inferior squirrel head mask made from rat fur!

But let’s leave on a high & cute note – furry hat costumes for toddlers that they do not have the strength to remove. Remember when? ๐Ÿ™‚ Via Etsy.

Funny homemade kids costumes here at the 4th annual Modern Kiddo Online competition. My favorite is tiny Elmer Fudd.

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22 October 2012 Gadgets 3 Comments


  • bobbyjack says:

    I am amazed at how much better my kids’ costumes look now than the ones I had when I was a kid. How many of you all wore the old ones with a cheap mask with a rubber band in the back, and then the costume just had a picture of the character you were supposed to be printed on the front?

    • Tom says:

      I remember those, but I donโ€™t think I ever had one. I do remember pulling the rubber band and letting it snap back on other kidsโ€™ heads though! We would make our own, my parents thought cheapness was a religion. I remember one year I had a Darth Vader mask made from a plastic gallon milk jug and spray painted black.

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      I still have my Darth Vader costume from when I was 6. The rubber band has rotted off; but the rest is still there. It’s exactly as how you described. A picture of Vader and the words “Star Wars” on the front. It’s not like anyone back then didn’t know who Vader was. I also had a GI Joe one made the same way.

      The year I wore the Vader costume, my little step-brother kept saying he was going as ‘Bert & Ernie’. When we would ask which one, he would get real mad and yell, “Bert & Ernie!”, like they were the same character. He actually went as Oscar the Grouch.

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