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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Isn’t That a Special UK Finn McMissile?

Why, yes it is …

Here’s an interesting surprise …

From D23 Top Secret Finn McMissile to Walmart DVD Finn McMissile, look kids, it’s Special Edition Finn McMissile – I guess if they can keep switching James Bond, he can travel the world in various packaging guises …

And yes, technically he is an exclusive since he’s only been released in the US … and of course, NO toy exclusive to the US EVER ESCAPES to another country (or vice versa) … well, if you’re 17th century Amish.

Apparently not the only overproduced Finn McMissile and for your WWII trivia buffs, he’s now ‘over there.’ The Finn’s are coming, the Finn’s are coming ….

From all angles, he looks to be the exact same blue/purple chrome hue Finn McMissile …

Not only does “Taylor C.” send along all the great pics, he also opened it …

“It looks as though its leftover Ransburg Finns and the Datecode underneath is 2171, I don’t know if they all have this code as I’ve opened only one. Also it is not a unibody.”

So, it’s the same old-same old but in a new packaging … I do like the quasi-Matchbox-Lesney-Corgi look – maybe it’s an attempt at UK packaging nostalgia …

So, a nice way to get rid of extra Finn McMissiles. A solid upgrade in packaging.

Thanks for the great pics and info, “Taylor C!”

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  • BlueMustang says:

    Great pics Taylor! Thanks for sharing this neat find!

  • cac1959 says:

    I think this was originally going to be found in the Walmart Cars2 Blu-ray gift pack (November 2011)… due to the backlash of the D23 Submarine Finn being the same as pegwarming Submarine Finn in a nice box, they added it to the D23 package… Walmart didn’t sell or order as many of the Blu-ray gift pack as they expected… Mattel sells them to TRU UK… and now it’s available to more people… Not that I need it, but I’ve got one coming… this is about the only Finn McMissile that I enjoy seeing… maybe Security Finn as well.

  • kappa_toyz says:

    I’ve brought one of these and it is the same as the D23 Finn. The car is nice as I liked the D23 one but the packaging is awful. Very cheap attempt to get rid of all the extra finns they must have lying around. Whoever at Mattel who put this forward as packaging for this car needs to be fired and all yours for £7.99. Could of at least made it as a one-piece.

  • John in Missouri says:

    The people who make a living by tricking Target cashiers with made-up prices will have a field day replacing these with normal Finn’s and returning them for refunds.

    • Wblaze says:

      Our Midwest friends who charge ridiculous amounts for EBAY international shipping should have a great time taking advantage of foreign buyers

      (MET: I don’t know if this is intended for anyone in particular but shipping prices have definitely gone way up … It costs about $30 to mail something to Europe for about 4 lbs and once you go over 4 lbs, it jumps another $10-$15 so while prices for things on sale or even regular price looks pretty nice, once you add in shipping that is NEVER discounted … and the forms you have to fill out … it’s a chore).

      • Jack says:

        Well your obviously harboring some ill feelings, not exactly sure at who or why but I do hope you feel better soon. try to not to focus too much on what others are doing or judging. Life is better when you just concentrate on your own happiness.
        Besides how can an online buyer be taken advantage of? No one should buy anything if they feel the price or shipping is too high. It’s not like the Utilities companies and others where we have little choice but to be ripped off by them overcharging everyone. Now that’s being taken advantage of.
        Anyway I have to admit this is one of the Cars 2 cars I have liked best so far. Way better than a regular Finn.

  • bubbabob says:

    Great! I needed another FM

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    The packaging is nice.

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