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Via UberFacts: “Ghengis Khan killed about 11% of the entire world’s population.”

Via UberFacts
Posted at 5:47 PM October 11
“Ghengis Khan killed about 11% of the entire world’s population.”

BTW, if you like historical fiction, I highly recommend “Genghis, Birth of an Empire.” Of course, not a lot is actually known about Genghis but Conn Iggulden does an amazing job of weaving together a story that reads like you are there right along with him on the Asian steppes as he grows from boy to teenager to heading one of the largest empires on Earth.

Part 2 is Genghis: Lords of the Bow and Part 3: Genghis: Bones of the Hills.

You’ll probably want to buy all three because you will be mad after reading Part 1 in a few hours and hunger for what happens next … though you can also get the Kindle editions which is nice as it’s downloaded in 15 seconds. 🙂


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