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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Walmart Neighborhood Market

Around the country, Walmart is opening up “Neighborhood Market’s” which are mostly food grocery stores and a smaller footprint. It’s not spectacular but the aisles are wide and it’s not clotted with a lot of people so if it’s convenient, it’s not a bad addition. They do have 2 aisles for toys – I presume most of the stores are standard and will offer essentially the same layout and merchandise …

This one was open about 3 weeks ago, I did not line up to go on the first day but it looks like they stocked the singles from way back when – all with an angled diecut so a case from 2011 … the plan o gram lists haulers (Wally & Mack) plus some playsets (Quick Changers & Micro Drifters) but none had made it on the shelf yet.

So, if it’s convenient, it might be a worthy stop for you but you probably don’t need to plan a trip there … though you can get these coffee creamers …

Either the genius dropped his chocolate bar into his coffee and a light bulb went off or when he was told he should cut back on eating chocolate bars, he thought, “Doc never said I couldn’t drink my candy bars in liquid form!” GENIUS!


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