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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Early Kmart CARS Day #9 Surprise – Not A Surprise

Surprise that is a not a surprise … the early Kmart CARS day #9 shipment turned out to be … um, wrong …

It’s Kmart CARS Day #6 leftovers … AND they shorted “Eli D.” 4 CARS as he only got 20 CARS also.

Oh so close!

Death or glory!

But hey, you gotta take a shot – sometimes you win, sometimes you win a trip to your local Kmart customer service return line … were these the only CARS left in warehouse, anyone else get a ship notice? Be sure and take a pic … let us know how you did on the big Kmart wheel of C-A-R-S.

UPDATE – Jason V. also got his case … not the same as Eli’s …

4 mel dorado
6 francesco
6 mcqueen
2 rod
2 jeff gorvette

yes only 20 cars  came in the case— I have a feeling all of us who fell for the pre order got screwed with their attempt to repack.

Kids were sad today


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