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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: CARS 1 Radiator Springs Classic Diecasts – For Show or Dough?

The first wave of the re-release of CARS 1 diecasts are starting to appear on the pegs at Toys R Us.

There are 8 in the first wave.

Shown on the cardback. The carton holds 12 CARS and there is ONLY ONE of each in a case (of 5 of the CARS) except there are 2 of Chick Hicks, 2 Radiator Springs McQueen and 3 King. I am only basing this on what extras I saw and I presume there was only one case open but comment below if you think I’m incorrect.

Of course, it’s great that these CARS are re-released but the problem is 2 days after I spotted them on the pegs, here is what it looks like.

Now, it’s a little too early to cry ‘shortfall,’ but we might as well discuss it now.

Will this repeat like the FINAL LAP debacle where the going-in overall plan was fine but then it was managed by Wile E. Coyote’s dumber brother?

There are only about 700 TRU stores so is each store only going to get one case? They also have an online store, it’s a guess but maybe it’s 300 cases for the online store – or 1,000 cases total (AND they do not always sell singles from series’ but let’s presume they will) … is 1,000 Purple Ramone’s enough? And-or is that it for the re-release? Of course, you’re saying that’s implausible but really, how many cases did your Target get of the 11-case assortments released in the Final Lap series? So, is it one and done? There are only 15 CARS listed on the singles portion (through October, 2012) so if CASE B contains the other 7 on the list – what’s next after that? Will the 15 continually be released through 2013 sprinkled in other cases? Will TRU’s get CASE A again? The problem with the Final Lap series was they committed to a set number of overall diecasts at the start. There was NO adjustment when the first wave sold out in minutes. The pegs simply sat empty for weeks (or months) until the next case came along and again, another instant sellout. So, it didn’t really matter that the Final Lap series was wildly successful. NO ONE in planning, sales, logistics, distribution or production paid anymore attention to it once the plan was in motion. MUCH like the Finn McMissile issue. It’s like a mechanical arm keeps dumping feed into the lot even though a fox has eaten every hen! So, will history repeat itself YET AGAIN with Radiator Springs Classics CARS 1 re-releases? Will it be chalked up as a mild success because Mattel is only selling a few thousand CARS? Because once they ship a case to a store, that case contents never return – never mind they sold out in HOURS? So the end result will turn out exactly like Final Lap?

“Me’h, we didn’t make much money”

Let’s move on.

I certainly hope that’s not the situation but it does not help matters that TRU tends to place small orders and then call it a day also on a lot of lines … so hopefully, it continues at a normal pace but don’t be surprise to find no chickens in the hen house (no diecasts) but 400 track sets.

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  • materrocks says:

    Went to 3 trus around my area, nothing found. Did find the $39.99 set way down south. All the ones on the tru website is out of stock for shipping.

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    There is also a cute 3 car box set out called fixin the road.

  • BMW says:

    Two Days ago the case of singles was put out at a TRU in New Mexico.
    All gone this morning.
    Met you may be right. I don’t need any of them but would like one or two just for the nice cardback.

  • Jack says:

    The case assortment for the cases I have seen are 1 of each and a second of King, Chick, Lightning and Shiny Wax. This line is great for the hobby. Many newer collectors need these. A classic line mixed with new Cars is cool. Great card back too.
    I hope they continue on with this line.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I haven’t seen them in either TRU near me yet. I will be checking another one after work tomorrow.

  • nlg510 says:

    The three I want in the first wave are Shiny Wax,Dexter Hoover,and Tex Dinoco.

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    I haven’t checked my TRU yet because I have all the ones in the first wave. For the second wave I’ll attempt a plastic tire N20 Cola I missed.

    The Micro Drifters showed up yesterday at my Target, and the pegs are LOADED. Collecting’s easy for them.

    Speaking of pegs, from now on hunting at my Target is 85% easier! They moved the Cars section and I guess the person must have organized the Maters, Finns and McQueens so basically you just look at the front car and your done. Deluxe is still 90% Sub Finn and 10% Hydro Finn 🙁

  • cac1959 says:

    I’ve not seen them at either TRU I’ve been to, but a friend has gotten a set for me… also, the 10 pack has been spotted in a few stores for $39.99 plus it’s been online for the same price at:


    The TRU Item number is 807143
    The SKU is BA7AABBC
    The UPC is 746775221829

    I sure hope we see a continuous release pattern and that they include new Cars.

  • jestrjef says:

    The first 2 Cases of Take Flight Cars did the same thing at our TRU. I literally watched 3 people in 45 seconds snatch up every Take Flight car that was left after I grabbed ours. There were two cases to start … and none left after 1 minute! Pegs were empty until the next week … they got in 4 more case …. now the pegs are FULL of the Take Flight Cars. I am sure that TRU will keep them going … they are good at pushing their exclusives. :-}

  • taylor says:

    Purple Ramone was the first car I had trouble finding, Lizzie no problem and all the others, Took a couple of weeks to find purple Ramone during the Supercharged days.

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      Supercharged Dale Jr. was the only car I had issues finding at retail. I did finally find one almost 2 years after his release at Big Lots.

      That was back when you could walk into any Big Lots and find 50 Supercharged Lizzies hanging on the pegs.

      Ah, the good ol days.

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