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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: The Cobbled Together Canada 3-Pack

“Dekoy” sends us his usual find from Walmart Canada.

Don’t get too excited!

Through the magic of a clear slipcover and a piece of clear Scotch tape, Mattel has created a new 3-pack … that do look familiar or is that awfully familiar?

This may be breaking the magician’s code but Mattel has put 3 singles together into a Canadian 3-pack!

The price is nice …

While around the US price of $3.33 each, in Canada, these are normally around $6.72 each for a single … so it’s a nice deal … if you’re just joining the party. These are international cards with no front name plate …

Basically you get a random three-pack of singles slipped together. Shockingly, every three pack contains at least 1 Finn, 1 McQueen or 1 Race Team Mater. SHOCKING! Who would’ve guessed? (well, any random CARS 2 collector).

Dekoy notes:

“Just found tonight custom three packs of singles up to number 23 Miguel at Canada Wal-Marts (just outside Toronto). Each card within the packs has a white sticker over each UPC cardback (wouldn’t want to get that three pack for the single price of one car, $6.72)

These three packs are barely sealed, just a piece of standard scotch tape over where you pop in the simple tab, nothing custom about this packaging from Mattel!

Price is $10, they have their own UPC Code (I think 7 46775 26969 3), and come up on scanners as “3 cars pack”

There seems to be no set mix of who appears in each three pack.”

Finn is apparently a worldwide over production … sorry dude. Next stop? New Mexico landfill?

Thanks for the interesting and great pics, “Dekoy.”

Not even as nice as the re-packing Target Value Packs of 2008.

But the clear winner of the overstock re-packaging Oscar goes to the Canadian Tire Overstock Pyramid of CARS. Funny, that seemed overpriced 3 years ago would now sell for about triple that. 🙂


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  • John says:

    I don’t understand why they went to all this trouble. Couldn’t they have achieved the same result by running a three for $10 special?

    If they wanted to get rid of certain peg warmers a sale could be tailored as “buy a Finn McMissile at regular price, get any two free.”

    “Buy Finn, Lightning and Bernoulli for $10 and we’ll give you $11 back.”

  • time to introduce a character with the same body as McMissle… at least they could take them all back and repaint them ransburg or something…

    whoever put the decimal in the wrong place is probably looking for work right about now…

    You meant 300,000 of them??!!? OOOHHHH I must have added a zero…??!!!?

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I loved those Target 2-packs. I still have the Trunk Fresh and No-Stall 2-pack; and the Flea and Flik 2-pack value packed with the Flea and Flik 2-pack.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Oh wow, I forgot about those. Remember the Mini Adventures multipacks like these at Walmart?

      • Fillmore1234 says:

        I remember those! Weren’t they $10 as well? I never bought any though as I never did collect Mini Adventures.

      • 5oclockshadow says:

        I sure do. They contained a rare variant.

        The RSFD Ramone & Flo on the Race Rods card.


        It seemed like Mattel caught this error before their initial release. The first RSFD Ramone & Flo sets to hit the stores were the corrected version. They had the RSFD insert and a RSFD sticker on the back covering up the Race Rods logo printed on the card under their picture. I guess Mattel wanted to clear up some clutter and released some of the the error ones in the value packs. I managed to find 3 of them after hitting up around 20 Walmarts when driving from Texas to Virginia for the holidays.

        They started out at 9.97, and quickly got cleared out around $4.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Reminds me of when I collected Topps baseball cards circa 1976.

  • taylor says:

    Any way to clear shelves and get new stock, my local store has taken all the Finns and Maters off the display and put them in a big box away out of reach (I looked as it had Cars2 written in pen) dissapointed I was but at least some common sense seems to be happening to allow new stock on shelves.

  • Jack says:

    Well since they are random 3 packs anyway I can’t say I wouldn’t be buying some of these and returning the Custom 3 packs of Finn, Mater and Lightning that I redesigned.
    Then my other custom 3 packs of like, Shu, Miguel and Max I made would be a nice deal for 10.00.

    • taylor says:

      Good idea Jack! Pick me up a Miquel as I found my first on saturday and the card was torn…..Miquel has never shown in the UK until now, for some reason no boxes have had him as part of the selection.

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