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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Radiator Springs 7 Pack – It is What It Is?

This is already available in Australia but it almost, certainly, definitely headed towards the US this Christmas – the Target only Radiator Springs Race Day 7-Pack resplendent in all the error of its ways.

As noted in the previous post … Luigi & Guido are out of place and time as their Ferrari Fan guise is from CARS 1.

Well, a miracle could happen – they could still fix it but I wouldn’t hold my breath …

And/or it becomes a Black Friday item so at least it’s a good deal …

There is a new 7-pack listed called Tokyo Race Day – the list is incomplete but it won’t win many fans with the listing so far … Brent Mustangberger and “Darrell Cartrip with New Expression.”

I know you can hardly contain your excitement.

Is Darrell with new expression REALLY the exclusive CAR?*

Er, I hope not. But stay tuned.

But maybe not – maybe David Hobbscapp is the exclusive CAR?


Because it’s musical box sets. The 6-packs have disappeared again so it makes sense that David has moved into this box set.

We can probably guess the other 4 CARS, Lightning, Shu and two other racers?

There was supposed to be an exclusive Gremlin in the other (now disappeared 6-pack) so maybe a Gremlin or more likely Grem?

But who knows, it may be all different again tomorrow.

* In all likelihood, Darrell with new expression refers to CARS 2 Darrell versus CARS 1 Darrell, once they “name” him, they never change the name just as Cruisin’ McQueen was called Lightning McQueen (no Fin) on the official lists.

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  • BMW says:

    The Pannini sticker book has a scene with Ferrari Fans Guido next to Finn, along with the townies on page 31 during the last race in Radiator Springs. Ramone is the RS Ramone with hydraulics raised. Is this a scene from Cars 2, I don’t recall seeing him as FF Guido in Cars 2.

  • John says:

    Luigi & Guido usually count as one car, a seven pack with them is one short.

  • cac1959 says:

    I almost wonder if Mattel throws darts at a dartboard to determine what goes in assortments and when they appear… and if the dart falls out they change their mind.

    I like the new Ramone and it’s great to see Sally again… it would not have been difficult at all to come up with the proper accessories for Guido and Luigi…How many Lewis, Jeff, and McQueen do we need?

    I am looking forward to the announcers set… but if we have to wait until Christmas time they might as well consider pulling the plug on the line.

  • John in Missouri says:


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