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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Radiator Springs 7 Pack – It is What It Is?

This is already available in Australia but it almost, certainly, definitely headed towards the US this Christmas – the Target only Radiator Springs Race Day 7-Pack resplendent in all the error of its ways.

As noted in the previous post … Luigi & Guido are out of place and time as their Ferrari Fan guise is from CARS 1.

Well, a miracle could happen – they could still fix it but I wouldn’t hold my breath …

And/or it becomes a Black Friday item so at least it’s a good deal …

There is a new 7-pack listed called Tokyo Race Day – the list is incomplete but it won’t win many fans with the listing so far … Brent Mustangberger and “Darrell Cartrip with New Expression.”

I know you can hardly contain your excitement.

Is Darrell with new expression REALLY the exclusive CAR?*

Er, I hope not. But stay tuned.

But maybe not – maybe David Hobbscapp is the exclusive CAR?


Because it’s musical box sets. The 6-packs have disappeared again so it makes sense that David has moved into this box set.

We can probably guess the other 4 CARS, Lightning, Shu and two other racers?

There was supposed to be an exclusive Gremlin in the other (now disappeared 6-pack) so maybe a Gremlin or more likely Grem?

But who knows, it may be all different again tomorrow.

* In all likelihood, Darrell with new expression refers to CARS 2 Darrell versus CARS 1 Darrell, once they “name” him, they never change the name just as Cruisin’ McQueen was called Lightning McQueen (no Fin) on the official lists.

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