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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Tomiko and Old “Friends” 5-Pack

Thanks “Actmcar (Dan)” for the find and the nice pics.

This box set has been listed since last December but has finally arrived. It also has a name … “Street of Japan.”

I was bruised and battered and I could’nt tell .. What I felt I was unrecognizable to myself … after I saw the Street of Japan box set …

Imagine that, they found some Finn McMissiles & 2-piece Lightning McQueen’s at the plant …

If you’re prayers were that there’d be new box sets … your narrowly focused minimum threshold of dreams has come true!

There is a reason Tomiko is going to need an umbrella because some of you might have a few comments to rain down upon this box set.

Wait, let me get out of the way!

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  • Dunroamin says:

    Is this a TRU only item? That’s the only place I’ve seen the 5 packs.

    (MET: yes).

  • jestrjef says:

    She looks amazing … what a shame that Mattel keeps doing this … just sad ….. sigh ….

  • D J says:

    It could be worse…mattel could pack 5 finns together and say he was cloned in a deleted scene of the movie! with one oil can as the exclusive. double the price also.

  • BMW says:

    Tamika’s lipstick is missing.

  • Bumper Save says:

    As much as I hate this new box set I can’t help but laugh at some of the funny comments here.

  • quercy says:

    A full year past since the “official” release of CARS 2 diecast… Here is a rough summary of what we got within 365 days in the US…

    28 singles characters including 2 variant of Mcqueen and Ramone.
    3 Mettalic repeat versions at TRU (McQueen, Nigel, Jeff)
    1 exclusive Pit Crew Mater at KMart (repeat character)
    10 short card (all repeats characters)
    10 Rubber tires (all repeats characters)
    11 new characters in the 2-pack (Brent, Zen, Tomber, Sal, Leland, John, Mama, Tyler, Giusepe, Cruz and Security Finn and several have not been found yet)
    8 launchers (all repeats characters)
    13 single, one dual pack and one 4-pack of Lights and sounds (all repeat characters)
    D23 and Fair event versions of Finn and McQueen… Again.
    4 Exclucive Easter eggs (all repeats characters)
    Five 3-pack (all repeats characters)
    Five 4-pack 2 new characters; Ronnie and Denise
    Four 5-pack Mater Bomb and Sip Tomber as new “versions”
    Two 7-pack only Frank is the new guy.
    Two 10-pack giving 2 japanese dancers and Mater wasabi version.
    A DVD Blu Ray with John as an “exclusive”
    4 Puzzle with silver variant of 4 repeats characters
    And finally one gold and one silver varaint of McQueen in the Frenzy set…

    Collectors, are you satisfy with what Mattel have presented to us in that first year??? Personnaly I am not.

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      ??? My body count on single blister packs has 29, 30 and 31???

    • danrio says:

      In the long stretch of barren months left by Mattel, I have gotten the following from Disney Store:
      Mach Matsumoto (Sho’s Chief)
      Austin Littleton (Nigel’s Chief)
      Bruno Motoreau (Raoul’s Chef)
      Otto Bonn (Max’s Chief)
      Petro Cartalina (Miguel’s Chief)
      Bruce Boxmann (Lewis’ Chief)
      The Queen
      Sgt. Highgear
      Topper Deckington III (The Other London Bus)
      Pinion Tanaka (Never found the one from Mattel)
      Flight Attendant
      2 Sushi Chefs
      Taco Truck Mater
      Drag Star Mater
      Dracula Mater
      Lightning Mater
      Kabuki Mater
      Rip Clutchgoneski
      David Hobbscap
      Stealth Finn

      Even if Mattel comes out with their versions of these, I don’t think I would be inclined to purchase any more duplicates.

      Mattel, are you listening? . . . Hello-o-o-o! . . . Mattel?? . . .

  • Tom says:

    How is TRU going to make room for these on the shelves with all the London, Porto Corsa and other box sets already clogging?
    I will not buy at retail price. I already got suckered into the Tokyo 10, Frank and Lightning Fan multis, never again.

  • rpag says:

    Well, not too excited about 4 repeats, but boy that Tomiko looks great and I cannot wait to add her to my collection!

  • Jack says:

    Pathetic again. The Japanese girl doesn’t even look like she belongs in this set. The set doesn’t even make sense. Lightning, Finn, 1 WGP racer, 1 lemon and 1 girl. Why group these together?

  • Dunroamin says:

    no comment…i guess

  • LUCA says:

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!!!

  • sodabear says:

    I’ll reserve comment until Met creates an over-21-only section of the forum where profanity is allowed.

  • BMW says:

    My comment is awaiting moderation.

  • John says:

    Instead of being excited by the release of a new box set, I see this offering as something that will be in the way.
    For the next year or two, taking up shelf space while we hunt for the few interesting Cars that will come and go as ‘Streets of Tokyo’ gathers dust with ‘Porto Corsa’, ‘London’ and Tokyo.’

    I really wonder who Mattel sees as the market for this box?

  • BMW says:

    A box set that says Streets of Japan, yet the backdrop is still the Porto Corsa seascape. Something is amiss at Mattel in addition to their decisions on box set contents. If this box had the Japanese night scene sequences in the movie I would have gotten it. It will be a pass and I have all the other TRU Cars 2 sets so far.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    I’m so glad I bought Okuni, Shigeko, and Tamiko when they were on e-Bay for $30.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I’m sure we’ll seea bunch of these where someone has pulled the Finn McMissile, replaced it with something less desirable, and then returned it.

  • cac1959 says:

    Here we go again… 1 new Car out of 5… a couple of pegwarmers… and 2 not so easy to find but readily available Cars…

    When will Mattel learn?

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