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Is Your Job Not Action Movie Material? Be a “Nuclear Storekeeper”

I’m still not exactly why it’s called a Storekeeper but apparently if you can operate a moving vehicle, you can drive nuclear material around!

Working conditions include but are not limited to adverse weather, lifting up to 50 pounds, climbing stairs and platform ladders, forklift operation, vehicle operation, basic keyboarding (data entry), precise hand/eye coordination, handling of hazardous or radioactive materials and chemicals, handling of structural type steel and related materials and all other related activities as required.

Apparently if you spill or lose “job material,” they want up standup people willing to admit they made a mistake and work on improvement! And yes, you do have to close up the meth lab as they MAY test you. Sorry, no moonlighting!

The selected individual must have good communications skills, be able to perform self-critical behavior, eager to learn and adaptable to change.

Additional requirements are to obtain and maintain unescorted access to the nuclear plant and participate in random drug testing and other Fitness for Duty requirements. Pre-employment testing may be required.

Um, would running away real fast after a spill count as “important and rapid decisions?”

This position requires working well under pressure, creative problem solving and the ability to make important and rapid decisions.

So, if you don’t handle nearly enough nuclear materials, here’s your career change opportunity!

Check it out HERE!

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7 May 2012 Internet 4 Comments


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