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Pixar Studios Cereal Bar: Animatic Short

You have an on staff animator at your company to animate shorts about the breakfast nook? Right?  😆

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23 April 2012 Disney Pixar 5 Comments


  • pixarlover says:

    I saw kids walking around eating cereal at Pixar when we were there…I thought it was odd. We later found out the kids eating cereal were the kids of Pixar employees. I asked Lee Unrich about it he said the kids love coming to Pixar and eating cereal. It was cool to see so many Pixar employees there at the event with their kids. Pixar is definitely a family friendly place. Another employee said they used to have even more varieties of cereal than they do now, but still amazing. We saw a couple of kids eating cereal too at a table near yes Guido.
    According to IMDB
    Guido Quaroni (born November 9, 1967) is an Italian voice actor and Supervising Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios. He was one of the developers of solidThinking, a NURBS based 3D modeling and rendering software.
    He attended the faculty of Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in Milan Italy from 1987 to 1992. In 1991 Quaroni started his professional career as a software engineer designing and writing the first version of solidThinking, a NURBS based 3D modeling and rendering software for the NeXT platform. solidThinking was awarded as the best new application in the “CAD and 3D” category at NeXTWORLD EXPO held in San Francisco in June 1993.

    In 1996 Quaroni interviewed during SIGGRAPH in New Orleans for a position at Pixar and in January 1997 he moved to the U.S. to start working on Toy Story 2.

    Quaroni worked initially as a generalist Technical Director on Toy Story 2 performing modeling, articulation, shading and special effect tasks. In 2000 he was promoted sequence supervisor for the movie Monsters, Inc. focusing on dynamic simulations and special effects. Upon completion of the movie in 2001, Quaroni moved to the Software R&D division leading the team responsible for the shading and texturing production pipeline.
    My son thought Guido was very nice too!

    • kdthomas says:

      When did you go? I was there for the November 2010 event (Toy Story 3). Lee Unkrich was a cool dude and I also spoke with Guido.

      No sure why the clip says “Cereal Room”…it’s not really a room…it’s next to the Luxo Cafe. No doors. 🙂

      • pixarlover says:

        I believe at the same time… it was the charity event for The Cartoon Art Museum. Lee Unkrich drew a picture of Lotso on my licence plate which is Toystory related and signed it. Too cool of a place! We spent a bundle that day at the employee store. It was sure fun! I’m so glad Met alerted us as to the nature of the event otherwise I would not have known about it.
        Thanks Met!

  • cac1959 says:

    No but I guess we might need one…

  • John in Missouri says:

    Love it!

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