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Toy Sales 2011 – UK & Europe

Via NPD.

The NPD Group’s data also reveals that while the UK is still ranked as the number one toy market in Europe, its dominance is slipping. While the UK market grew by 3% – dropping from 6% growth in 2010 – the French toy market – second to the UK – recorded a 5% growth last year compared to 2010, while Germany finished 2011 with a solid 7% growth on 2010.

In Italy and Spain, however, the toy markets did not fare so well. Despite good last minute sales, The NPD Group reports a decline of 3% in Italy and 7% in Spain, whose turnover had already declined by 0.7% in 2010.

Interesting that “construction” and educational toys are much bigger in the UK – that Lego Star Wars is on the list but Hasbro Star Wars is not … CARS, #8 …


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12 April 2012 Toys 2 Comments


  • chuki_mama says:

    Yeah! Lego Minifigures are #1. The kids love most of the Minifigures.

  • cac1959 says:

    And had there been more new Cars available for sale in the UK and Europe, Cars sales would have been higher… the Mattel case assortments and distribution was a global problem, not just a US problem.

    Cars continue to sell in spite of Mattel, not because of Mattel.

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