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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Deluxe Oversized All Over Australia

“Hostile Takeover Bank,” sends us pics of Deluxe-Oversized CARS all over Australia.

You can get a sense of the size and scale of each of these releases.

Of course, they’re much more fun open. And nice they did not skip doing the ref paddle.

CARS 2 is fully stocked on the shelves in Australia …

And same Crew Chiefs left over … I presume this is KM Australia (not affliated with US KM).

And just like the US pegs, so many Finn’s, Kimura Kaizo (aka: Sumo Ref), Funny Car Mater & the Queen just clogging up the pegs …

So many Kimura Kaizo it falls off the full pegs. 🙂

Don’t let your kids who have not taken geography yet see this pic … 🙂

Thanks, “Hostile Takeover Bank,” for the nice pics … this photo sponsored by the Australia Tourist & Shopping Bureau.

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