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Kids 2011 … CARS 2 is Not Nearly As Cool as Justin …

Yea, Justin Bieber rules all with “kids.”

The NPD Group’s May 2011 KIDS survey asked (kids), “What would the kids you know say is the hottest new thing these days? It might be a celebrity, movie, TV show, toy, game, hobby, sport, website, brand, or retail store.” The group fielded answers for three weeks, compiling 7,116 mentions of things kids are into at the moment.

Here are the Top 10 answers …

9% Justin Bieber
4% Cars (franchise)
3% Xbox 360
2% Disney
2% iPad
2% iCarly
2% Dora the Explorer
2% Nintendo Wii
2% Transformers
2% iPod

Of course, this was in the midst of the film launch ad blitz … wonder where CARS stands a year later?

NPD Group

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15 February 2012 Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 6 Comments


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