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Girl Scouts Get New Badges

Updated for the 21st Century …


“There’s a Good Credit badge and a Money Manager badge, Locavore, Website Designer, and Netiquette badges, a Science of Happiness badge, and, as a component of a cookie-badge program that has been expanded, a Customer Loyalty badge.

At a time when girls have many extracurricular options, the wide-ranging revamp – the first in 25 years – is an attempt to stay relevant.

“The girls said, ‘We love the camping, we love the cookies, but we want the Girl Scouts to be more about what we’re about,’ ’’ Bramson said.

Badges have always reflected their times; in 1916 the Telegraph badge seemed cutting edge, and in 1920 a Canning badge was pertinent.”

More From the Boston Globe.

Can you name all 6 levels of Girl Scouts? I could not. But then I just call them the paramilitary group with the cookies.

And do you have the get the sewing one first otherwise, don’t your badges just fall off?

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9 February 2012 History 3 Comments


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