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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: Micro Drifter Colossus XXL

The MicroDrifters lineup will get a Colossus XXL Dump truck …

It’s impossible to tell the actual size of this but it looks like it’s about the length of a hauler (@9″) and about 9″ tall …so mostly in scale with the less than 1″ MicroDrifter CARS but obviously not in scale with the 3-4″ diecast 1:55 series … unless you just park Guido, Zen master Pitty or Uncle Topolino next to it … but since it’s unlikely we will ever get a to-scale 1:55 Colossus, this will most likely be the one release with eyes. It should work okay with the Mini Adventures Mater & LM also.


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