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Disney Store CARS 2 Diecast: World Grand Prix Racers & Crew Chiefs

These two Disney Store box set will complete the CARS World Cup Grand Prix racers & crew chiefs (except for Rip Clutchgoneski & his crew chief).

The Lightning McQueen Box

The Francesco Bernoulli Box

(you can click through the above links to see all the CARS in greater detail).

Some of the them have the clear headlamps “ready for the lights & sounds” versions so if you’re handy, just unscrew the bottom and sub in your own lights!

These are solid metal CARS* (well, except for the back spoiler) and no worries about plastic face plates – Disney Store CARS are solid one-piece metal.

*Francesco is lighter than the others though – his sides and wings are plastic … though purists can say that is correct as an F1 is as light as possible …

Size comparison to the Mattel 1:55 version …

And the weight is about the size difference you can see – about 55% larger … Jeff Gorvette Disney Store weighs 88.45 grams, Mattel 1:55, 40.24 grams.

The Crew Chiefs are nice …

The Opel Seat is probably oversized … I didn’t not bother to photograph Mater.

The detailing on Max’s crew chief, Otto Bonn (the Audi) is particularly great. John Lassetire is nice and the VW is also great. About the only one that is weak and off base is Francesco crew chief, the Alfa Romeo … it’s weirdly rounded and not a great sculpt … (um, put him in the back). 🙂

And they fit on the Race Display Carrying Case. Though the crew chiefs only vaguely fit in the top row.

Still on sale at the Disney Store – not as great as of a sale over the holidays but about $60 for both sets for 20 solid metal diecasts is a nice deal … (have your kids do the math. 🙂  ).

They are definitely clearing out some sets – the Disney Store Holy Moley set is down from $59.99 to $14.99. The Acer diecast in a box is $2.99. The nice Ridemakerz Francesco starter set is 55% off to @$22.50 and there’s even a Lego set on sale!

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  • danrio says:

    Given the logjam of Mattel cars2 diecasts at WalMart, Target, TRU, KMart and Kohl’s, I decided to get these 2 sets, plus the “London Calling” and the “Traveling Through Tokyo” sets during the holiday sale and am very pleased with all of them. From the 35 characters in the 4 sets, I was able to add 20 new cars to my collection at close to half of the regular price (and some of these have yet to appear as Mattel items). This beats, by far, having to get the Mattel versions at already inflated prices in 5 or 7 car packages with only 1 new character per package. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rip Clutchgoneski in the near future.

    I respect the purists’ dedication to “collect ’em all”, card types, variants, etc., but not all of us can afford to purchase (or even store) the volume of merchandise which such a collection would encompass. I’m pretty much an “opener” (with a few excetions) who enjoys the variety and color artfully depicted in the Pixar films. I feel Disney does a very good job with their diecasts. The majority of my cars find their way into custom built wall mounted display cases where I can appreciate them most.

    In addition, like many fellow Takefivers, I felt let down at the close of the original Cars(1) diecast releases when Mattlel’s distribution fell apart and many items were scarce or not to be found in the U.S. at all.

  • John in Missouri says:

    These eyes look REE-deek-U-lous! Seriously, look at Zombie Mater and My Eyes Run Over My Eyelids Nigel Gearsley.

  • DDD says:

    Disney did the Alfa Romeo front end like Mattel has done Leland and David Hobbscapp, with rounded instead of sculpted headlights. You only have to see the Mattel Alfa Romeo to appreciate how much better their own Leland and Hobbscapp could have been.

    Disney is really clearing out those sets! I saw the pope set at $20 over the weekend, along with the big Tokyo set. Great for the bargain hunter in us but also kind of sad.

  • Tom says:

    I hate to say it, but some of these Cars look better than the Mattel versions. Some look like Dstore cheaped out on them. Wow, $15 for Holy Moly is pretty cheap, I just can’t get over how ridiculous Dstore Mater looks though.
    I wish they would get another shipment of Combat Ships, they must be on the slow boat from China.

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