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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Lights & Sounds 2011-2012 Checklist

The Lights & Sounds series are nice and the only other metal diecast series from Mattel. Unlike the Action agents, Color Changers, ChargeUps, etc, etc which are all plastic, these are mostly metal with plastic components.

The voice feature works very well (most with original actors) and the light-up feature is a nice add-on.

There are 12 out (all released in 2011)

And 8 scheduled for 2012. 2 of the 8 will Walmart exclusives – probably not out until the Fall.* The 6 remaining are either shown below or are represented by the regular 1:55 diecast.

*It seems likely the 2 Walmart releases will be characters already released as 1:55 diecasts.

You can check out our demo videos of Spy Mater …

Regular Mater

Francesco Bernoulli

& Holley Shiftwell

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