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Rent the Acropolis For Your Wedding For $2K


So, yes, Greek government misfortune is good for you.

It is missing the roof (yea, blame the Venetians!) but if you’re deciding between here or the Rotarian Hall, I vote here! And of course, $2k probably just rents you a small corner and not the Parthenon but what do you want for $2k?

The spoilsport archeologists think it’s a bad idea – maybe the take a stone home centerpiece idea is not so good but otherwise, how can ruin a ruin?  🙂

Some are claiming that it’s not really true but it looks like they are just hardballing you on the caterers tip. 🙂

Send us pics of your nuptials! Opa!

Via Gadlings.

Photo via Wikimedia.


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21 January 2012 History 3 Comments


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    no Parthenon? I’m out.

    Plus, having been married for 10 years, I know if she leaves me, I will never get married again.

    Of course I did say I would never get married to begin with..

  • cac1959 says:

    Wow… of course, travel expenses and other wedding expenses not included…

  • Tom says:

    This doesn’t seem like the best idea… (one of ) the most significant example of Western architecture in existence deserves better. Maybe the Greek government is using it as leverage to get more money from the EEC…

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