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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Now, That’s a Pinewood Derby CAR!

It looks that company selling CARS Pinewood Derby CARS is no more but that did not deter “Lorri R,” she eyed Jeff Gorvette and milled a car out of a block of wood for their Pinewood Derby race …

Pretty amazing – I can probably make several small blocks of wood from one large block … (if you don’t mind lumpy) but to make an entire Corvette … er, I would have to make a call to Canada.

They race today so have fun! Obviously you also have the aero thing down also – so you probably don’t need luck. 🙂


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21 January 2012 Disney Pixar CARS 3 18 Comments


  • bobbyjack says:

    Awesome car! I can’t wait until BobbyJack starts Cub Scouts.

  • oliversmom says:

    I think you, guys, put lots of love into that car. You did terrific job.
    I am all for “family spending time together” no matter who was painting or putting decals, or whatever it was.
    Good times!

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Cool car!

  • PirateDad says:

    Thanks for the shout out Met! This summer we made a Shu Tokoroki (sp?) Derby Car, but it was knot as good as this Jeff one. WELL DONE Lori!

    We also made a (wooden) Rubber Duck, a Turtle, a Figure Skate and a crayon. We won the Trophy for Best Custom Car, but barely placed in the actual races!?!

    • Lorri says:

      Hey PD! Those sound cool! We have made a block of cheese (with holes) a couch with leopard throw pillows, Lightning McQueen, and a dinosaur car. The making of them is almost more fun than the race!!!

  • rpag says:

    AWESOME! But did you do it or your son?

    • Lorri says:

      My husband cut it out and I painted it, (my son can barely put his own pants on, he is autistic). I know there is always this discussion at pack about the kids doing it on their own, but I dont think little kids should use a band saw or a belt sander. There is a big range of abilities and a big range of cars. The prettiest ones arent usually the winners, btw. The one that won last night was very plain with 2 quarters hot glued to the front! Its mostly about the weight of the car being in the exact right place(s) and the wheel and axle prep. We came in 4th overall and got a design award for “most realistic car”. It was fun and the boys had a great time.

      • Mariela says:

        You go girl!! 😉

      • slicepie says:

        Too bad I didn’t know about this, I could’ve given you a few tips. Perhaps the only thing better than winning an award for the way your car looks is knowing that your car decimated all the others.

        I’m surprised the winning car had the weight in the front, the weight should be in the back.

        • Lorri says:

          I know, Jake! But what seems to happen, is that unless your car is a plain wedge and the wheels are perfect, having about 1/3 of the weight in front and about 2/3 at the point of the center of gravity seems to help stabilize any wobble that slows them down. Going from pure theory seems to help (we have been in the top 5 every year), but in practice it is not so! It might be the track condition and how track is connected. And having a flatter wedge shape car seems to be the best. It is fun to watch all the dads and their physics books and trade secrets. Heh.

          • slicepie says:

            Interesting. I helped a friend of mine build a couple cars for his boys a few years ago and we buried lead weights in the back of them. They were always the last cars down the ramp but then flew past all the other cars when they got to the bottom. Plus I’m sure you know all about shaking the axles in a bag of graphite and offsetting them so the car rides on 3 wheels.

            • Lorri says:

              I know! its frustrating when you think you have the best theory and it doesnt pan out. We put weights in the back/inside the car. The first year we took first place. The weights were in back but on top. But that year, we did have one front wheel which was quite a bit high for the reduced friction.
              The biggest thing seems to be a bunch of wild boys, running around like crazy, dropping their cars, playing with them on the floor, etc. So your car must not only be fast but able to withstand the whole event. Some cars that started out fast slowed down, either they didnt re-graphite at the break or they sustained some damage.

      • chuki_mama says:

        Great JOB, Lorri and family!!! It is a good looking car! 😀

  • Bumper Save says:

    Beautiful! Good luck at the races, let’s hope it’s not running on Allinol. 😉

  • John in Missouri says:

    The lettering on the tires looks upside down.

  • cac1959 says:

    Great job on your Pinewood Derby Jeff Gorvette!

  • Jack says:

    Wow. So nicely done! Always great to see beautiful craftsmanship. Especially for us non artistic types that can’t even draw a decent stick figure.

  • WillsCars says:

    Very nice. Would be cool to see this race against a wood Nigel!

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