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Anti-SOPA Day – Some Websites Going DARK

While TakeFive is not going dark, some websites are – to protest and call attention to the overly vague and dangerous bills written by the movie studios and record labels which does not just covers movie or music files but anything that ANYONE claims is a copyright violation.

Most people are not for piracy of films, tv shows and music but clearly there is a better solution than giving the DOJ the ability to turn off DNS addresses and require Google and all search engines to wipe out any URL from the entire internet if ANYONE claims there’s a copyright violation without a trial, jury or due process.

Why not just burn down any building where a suspected copyright violator might live.

This pretty much sums up and shines a light on the main point of the bills.

Here are the dozens of main sites shutting down today (most notably Wikipedia, FLIKR, Reddit and WordPress). (we run the WordPress software but we’re not on WordPress …).

But if you can’t read this, we’re blacked ouuuuu





I Can Haz Cheeseburger is also out for the day – can you live 24 hours with LOL Catz?

You can find a database here of your representative and dollar amounts of contributions from the pro & con SOPA lobby. You can send your thoughts to Congress via the Congress App (itunes – free). Or a visual pictorial of who’s pro and who’s con – where does your rep stand.




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18 January 2012 Internet 9 Comments


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