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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Oversized Update + New 3 Packs

This might shock you but it turns out the info from Mattel on the new oversized-Deluxe cases was correct but not the whole story – they jumped the gun by several cases. So, that case info was correct but it might be 2-3 months before we see that case … so good news, bad news and repeat news …

The Next Case that is actually the next case does contain the Queen & Minion Forklift – Muggsy Liftsome but also has some repeats included everyone’s second favorite oversized car, Hydrofoil Finn. So, not bad but not as great as first thought.

The Queen. 1 in the case.

Minion Forklist – Muggsy Liftsome. 1 in the case.

The Pope, 2 in the case …

Kingpin Nobunaga … 1 in the case.

And one Hydrofoil Finn …

Why only one Minion forklift? Muggsy Liftsome? Because there are 3 new 3-packs also coming, presuming at the same time for the Spring reset … in the next 2-3 weeks?

A three-pack with Muggsy, Professor Z & Grem.

No idea if Professor Z or Grem are variants – so far, the only released 3-packs do not seem to contain variants but unknown going forward.

Funny Car Mater, Holley Shiftwell & Finn McMissile.

Will this 3-pack ship with the one above or later down the line when Funny Car Mater is released in the oversized lineup?


Taia Decotura, Lightning & Mater.

Now Taia is definitely not on the oversized Deluxe cases to be released soon so will he make an early appearance or will this be included in a later 3-pack in late summer?



So much for well laid plans.

Will Dragster Mater & Taia be shipped early in 3-packs so if you can’t wait, you’ll buy it with some CARS you *cough* *cough* probably already have?

Or will they arrive in a 3-pack along with the oversized releases?

Thanks for the updated info, Rob (My 6 Kids) as we welcome his store, Rob’s Palace of Disney CARS as an advertiser! So, check out his store. Of course, Rob’s been a long time contributor but now we can all shout his name loudly and out loud. Thanks, Rob!

This overall list of Deluxe-Oversized for 2012 is still correct.

(There was one 3-pack announced at for the launch of CARS 2 – a 3-pack with Kingpin Nobunaga, it seems that was never released, did I miss it? Anyone see it?)

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  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Dragster Mater, Holley Shiftwell & Finn McMissile 3-pack coming out, I wonder how soon we will see
    Dracula Mater, Holley Shiftwell & Finn McMissile
    Taco Truck Mater, Holley Shiftwell & Finn McMissile
    Materhosen Mater, Holley Shiftwell & Finn McMissile 3-packs.

  • oliversmom says:

    Welcome aboard, Rob!
    bought many cars from him! he always delivers!

  • hollywood7 says:

    I agree with a lot that has been said,
    Mattel are in it for the money and I am sure that the die’s to make new cars cost a great deal and therefore you have to sell x amount to reap profit and if you can push that a few more times then there is even more to be made. In saying that I still don’t understand why there don’t release a pack with 5 or 10 Guido’s of different colours, same die cost just a different paint. If they wanted to appease fans and collectors then the marketing team would be reading Take 5 on a regular basis, sadly I think its more about give the merchants what they want and that is a deal on the cost and the only way to do a deal and make money is to do repeats and lots of them.

    Its about time Mattel started there own collectors website and released all there cars and I know many might frown as I say this but charge 50% more, it would at least be better than having a room full double or triples or quadruples…….

    One can only dream.

  • Bumper Save says:

    There are so many if’s going on these days, it’s terrible with Mattel. Thanks for the update Met

  • D J says:

    id like one day to be able to walk into a business like Mcdonalds, located pretty much everywhere, where you can order any car you want and they will have it. a store like that could make some serious $$ ching ching.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    “Kingpin Tanaka” is a combination of the two sumo wrestlers names. In this fist new case, do we now estimate the inclusion of Pinion Tanaka or Kingpin Nobunaga? Thanks so much to Rob for the assortment news; and much gratitude to Rob, Slicepie, BMW, and Met for so much help with timely case assortment news over the years!

    (MET: Oops, fixed).

  • Corey'sDaddy says:

    Thank you for the updated info, good news is that some new cars may be arriving soon or sometime soon, in the spring, maybe in the summer, later this year, oh well there is always Christmas 🙂 Perhaps a mega Prof Z with a Camera could be released to destroy all of the surplus mega Finns.

    Kidding of course, nice to see something new.

    Rob – Congrats on the store and sponsorship on Take 5.

  • BMW says:

    The 3 packs I bought at Kohls were retailed at 19.99, less the coupons and sale discounts, the bottom line was 12.00 for 2 singles and 1 deluxe.
    Of course the Cars were all new. Now its the repeat game.

    • BMW says:

      Actually, I meant to say the repeat multipacks go way back in time. Its nothing new. At least this time around we have A FEW choices of whether to get the new release in a single or multipack. Recall that the only way to get Hank Hallsum was in the Flo’s 5 pack, or the 4 fan cars in the 9 pack from Target. Aviator Mater in 4 pack, Dirt Track Doc in the 3 pack for instance. But the game of 5 packs with one new car is bad for most of us.

      Mattel 3 packs with all new cars are pretty uncommon. – the Showstoppers or Cousins from the Storytellers series. But released as singles as well, so Mattel does offer us choices.

      • sodabear says:

        With Hank Hallsum, you also got Mia and Tia with tray, which were exclusives as well, not counting the lenticular ones. The Target 9-pack was almost 50% new cars. I hear what you’re saying though, the multipacks with repeats have been with us for a while now. It’s just that now they are so much more sinister.

        • BMW says:

          Thinking back farther,
          The Mattel modus operandi for Cars goes all the way back to the BJ’s Wholesale 6 pack sets in 2006. And if you did not live on the East Coast or have a friend to trade with you, you were out of luck. Buy 6 to get one RB Mater. Luckily he came out in the game.

  • Mountain Mater says:

    Let’s face it, Mattel does not consistently turn a profit by making mistakes. Their marketing strategy is shrewdly and precisely calculated based to a large degree on past sales history. It is totally premeditated. Please believe that if they weren’t making money by selling 1-new/2-old 3-packs and filling Wal-Mart pegs with Hydrofoil Finns, new single car offerings would appear overnight. Matty exists solely for the bottom line and if that means filling our basements with duplicate Grems, Maters and Finns, so be it. To sell an item for three times its value just because it’s the new Car on the block is marketing genius! Think about it. Mattel could just as easily brought out, dare I say it, a 3-pack containing 3 new Cars. But why do that if you can make the same net profit with 1/3 the research and development investment. If the shareholders ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And I believe Mattel’s shareholders are very happy.

    • Jack says:

      Finally someone that gets it. I am sick of reading posts by collectors who believe a large corporation with billionaire shareholders doesn’t know what they are doing. Every move is well calculated and bottom line oriented. Large corporations run everything and have research information far above what most people can comprehend.
      These corporations know everything there is to know about the general public.
      Simply put the diehard collectors that buy everything do not represent a big enough market share to bother to appease, if we did the distribution would be different.

    • Tom says:

      Indeed, Mattel is a money making machine run by geniuses and owned by billionaires. Their strategy of having store pegs clogged for months with Sub Finn deluxes, LMQ, Mater & Trunkov singles and Zen Master pitty 2-packs is brilliant, I bet they can’t count the dollars fast enough! I know I personally buy at least 1 Sub Finn every time I go to the store, I can’t get enough of them. If the pegs were stocked with Taia, Queen, Security Finn and Taco Truck Mater it would be so much easier to “just walk on by”, or better yet, to not even bother going to the store. As a matter of fact, I even saw a division of Mattel’s mighty R&D arm, with clipboards and calculators, wearing lab coats and everything at a store one time. I asked them what they were doing as I was filling two carts with color changers and fan stands. They told me they were verifying what they pretty much already knew was true, that they needed to build another factory in China that would make nothing but Sub Finns and Maters to keep up with demand.
      I believe the same is true for non-collector/casual buyers as well, they may not be hard-core, but they aren’t dummies either.

      • sodabear says:

        Now this is someone who gets it. Most of my stores are stocked to the gills with the same cars that were on the pegs in mid-May. Even clearancing them down to practically nothing isn’t moving units. How, Jack, does this translate to a winning strategy? Where is the money to be made by not selling cars?

        • slicepie says:

          Apparently you are confusing Mattel with the retailers. Retailers may not be selling the multiples of common Cars but Mattel has or else the retailers would not have the product in the first place. I’d bet that Mattel has already turned over the money they got from those retailers by tenfold or more.

          • sodabear says:

            No, I’m not confusing the two. Surely Mattel had a good year (or quarter or whatever) by dumping all these non-selling cars on retailers, but they have to sell cars in order to make room for more stock. Leaving retailers holding the bag probably wasn’t part of the strategy.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I think the Lemons are in charge this time around — for the most part, multipacks from the first “Cars” movie consisted of singles; this time around they’re including Mega Size to jump the price up. Not neat!

  • cac1959 says:

    Should have known that Mattel had not learned from their mistakes… an oversize case with 50% repeats… 2 of 1 new Car and 1 of a 2nd… 2 each of 2 new Cars makes it possible to split with a friend… I don’t see how it’s possible to split this new case… going to have to wait for them to show up in stores, and until stores can send back all the leftover Finn that’s not going to happen.

    The 3 pack is an attempt to get us to spend $20 for 1 new Car and 2 repeats.

    Kohl’s had loads of the 3 packs with Kingpin, Mater, and Lightning McQueen… I must have seen 6 of each at almost every Kohl’s store… with a store retail price of $22.99 and the fact that I already had all 3 Cars I never considered it, even with their sale… I’m collecting Cars, not packaging… 3 packs aren’t selling because they contain Cars we already have.

    If I have to buy a 3 pack to get Taia, I probably will… but Mattel is dampening my enthusiasm to collect them all… and I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I saw the 3 pack w/ Kingpin right before Christmas in some stores. Department stores, but I can’t remember if it was Kohl’s or JCPenney’s.

    • Dunroamin says:

      kohl’s around here..weren’t moving either…
      I could really use another grem and Prof Z, holly and finn, LM and Mater…lol

      • Fillmore1234 says:

        I have seen many Kingpin 3 packs at Bergners before for $25. Yikes! And wasn’t Hydrofoil Finn supposed to have been released a LONG time ago? I have him down in my checklist but kept him in the ‘not released’ section. I believe it was Hydrofoil, Holley and Grem/Professor Z.

        (MET: These were the three original 3-packs with the Kingpin the 4th. The latest three will be 5th, 6th & 7th versions. Hydrofoil Finn is only available as a oversized-deluxe).

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    I would love someone to calculate at the end of all this, that if you collected one of every character, how many spares would you have from all the 2, 3, 4, 5, packs etc?

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