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Real Hardcore Gangster: Teddy Roosevelt Can Take a Bullet & Finish His Speech

This poster is not real but apparently done in fun by Jenny Burrows.

And yea, Roosevelt was shot but decided the shirt’s ruined anyway, and finished his speech. … Via HistoryBuff.com.

Col. Roosevelt delivered part of his scheduled address with the bullet in his body, his blood staining his white vest as he spoke to a huge throng at the auditorium. Later, he collapsed, weakened by the wound, and was rushed to Emergency hospital.

I guess I will stop whining next time I get a paper cut …


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12 January 2012 History One Comment

One Comment

  • BMW says:

    Met, off topic any news on Toy Fair 2012 for Mattel’s Cars 2 products?

    (MET: The Mattel event starts in about 30-minutes, our “correspondent” will report in … hopefully it’s breathtaking info … or at least the shrimp was giant at the buffet table).

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