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Disney Pixar Brave – New Trailer

Coming next summer …

Toy Story Toons “Small Fry” Sneak Peek (full version in front of MUPPETS – November 23)

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17 November 2011 Disney, Disney Pixar, Film 3 Comments


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    SO anyone think we will see T-Bone, the mermaid, and the rest as real happy meal toys in the future?

    • danrio says:

      Actually, in the spirit of “There’s nothing new under the sun”, there is a basis, in fact, for some of the “discards” seen in the video. In 1993, McDonald’s did a set of 5 “Food Fundamentals” character toys which included Corn, Milk, Sandwich, Apple and a Steak named “Slugger”. Across the fast food board, there have been numerous mermaids, most of which (save Disney’s “The Littlest Mernmaid”) were quickly forgotten and also discarded. As for the other toys in the video, without closer inspection, I’d have to believe that Pixar derived them from actual past promotions.

      As for a future promotion? Sure! Why not? Anything to sell a happy meal !

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