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If You Can’t Live the High Life – Your Pets Should …

Maybe as a human, you’re part of the 99%. 🙂

But hey, that doesn’t mean you pet shouldn’t be a 1 percenter … 🙂

The Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

You can even stack them – available at Amazon. Less than $30 … if that’s too common for you, there’s also the Swedish Fish Condo

I’m not positive (as it’s all in Swedish) but I believe it’s 18,900 krona or about $2,900 USD (definitely not IKEA) … maybe I’ll submerge the RV boys so they can have CARS to play with?  😆

And I guess technically they’re not your pets but just freeloading animals who stop off to eat their weight in bird seed, poop indiscriminately and give birth in your free shelter … kind of like holiday relatives … well, maybe not all three … 🙂

Birdhouses at RueLaLa.com



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7 November 2011 collecting 2 Comments


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